PSX Extreme: Legendary Review

PSX Extreme writes: "As we've said many times before, the FPS genre is one of the most competitive in the current video game industry, and unless you bring your "A" game, you're likely to be ignored and cast aside. Sadly, this will be the fate of Legendary, a game that looked good when we first saw it earlier this year, but ends up being a sub-par, frustrating experience that pales in comparison to the shooters that just recently hit store shelves. Most of you out there, even the most die-hard FPS fans, don't have the money to buy every shooter out there. You've got titles like Resistance 2, Call of Duty: World at War, and even more unfortunately for Spark Unlimited and Gamecock, many avid gamers are getting a chance to test out Killzone 2 already. This being the case, you can't expect a technically deficient game like Legendary to hold its own, and that's disheartening. The concept is a great one, but the implementation leaves a whole lot to be desired, and ultimately, we were extremely disappointed."

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