God of War on sale for $8

Right now you can grab a digital copy of one of the best games on PS4 for under $10. That game is God of War, which is on sale for $7.89.

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sampsonon13d ago

if you just bought a ps4 i suggest you pick this beauty of a game right now. $8? wow

Abnor_Mal13d ago

Can't beat that price with a bat.

Elda13d ago

I traded in my copy a while ago I may purchase it.

Abnor_Mal13d ago

I stopped trading in games after PS2 because I found that I would end up rebuking some of them down the line. Did it more than one with a few games until I realised that was only making Gamestop money.

There's always a reason to keep a game on your inventory, like you can always go back to clean up trophies if that's your thing. You can play on higher difficulty or give yourself a handicap to help increase difficulty further. Or simply to just replay a game that you love and want to experience again. Plus DVDs don't take up space like how VCR tapes use to do. You can take the DVDs out their case and use a empty spindle to store then all together.

S2Killinit13d ago

Wow imagine someone just picked up the console....

ziratul13d ago

God of War, even if being a good game has nothing in common with God of War games, and I don't like it. Wouldn't play it even if was free.