Modern Warfare Needs to Change Their Content Release Strategy

Despite fantastic content, Infinity Ward should consider changing up how they deliver content to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players.

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SourtreeDing44d ago

no i think its fine...

back in the day we used to buy a map pack of 4 maps then wait 3 months for another 4...

this time around we waiting 1and 1/2 month then they give you the maps in the first month

franwex44d ago

I like this way better too.

TheGamez10044d ago

Its the best cod has had so far for content....but I still wish theyd just give everyone weapons dlc right away instead of locking them through tiers. It would suck if they raised the requirements or locking it behind the premium battle pass.

Palitera44d ago

"I would like Modern Warfare to Change Their Content Release Strategy"
There. Fixed it for you.
They are and will keep being topsellers and don't NEED to change anything to please you.

jjb198144d ago

Its fine. I am so glad they are not doing the season pass/map pack thing. When the new map packs for BO4 released it was hard to play the new maps because hardly anybody had them. This way is so much better and there is a ton to learn about the maps already here in modern warfare.

Parasidious44d ago

I care less about the content and more about making sure the the game works properly. There are still challenges that have been broken since "season 0".

WireMucks44d ago

I am really happy with COD's content approach,.. Only play it on Saturdays and Sundays when there is 2xXP (Because I don't have the time) and I am half way trough the Battlepass,.. Really happy that they chose not to sell maps and split the user base,.. So I decided I am going to support this model anyway I can.

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