Star Wars The Force Unleashed DLC available

A new DLC pack is available on both Playstation 3 and Xbox. More after the jump.

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vitz33677d ago

Is this "DLC" already on the disc?

YogiBear3677d ago

Enough people still play this piece of s#*t game to warrant releasing DLC?

micro_invader3676d ago

It's not actually that bad of a game, I bought it and I think it was rather entertaining until about halfway through. That's when I thought it got a bit repetitive.

rogimusprime3677d ago

like luke skywalker and Ki Adi mundi. Not worth 5 bucks. the game wasn't terrible, but compared to the hype it generated it was lacked any type of polish. MF'in all powerful jedi brings down a star destroyer but gets killed by the emperor's force lighting. GTFO.

Nitrowolf23677d ago

there just new skins, and yet they charge 5 bucks for them. They donnt even have anything special to them.

Tony P3676d ago

Horse Armour all over again.

What's worse is that people will actually buy it. Way to encourage these lacklustre DLCs.

Radiodread3677d ago

I guess aside from KOTOR, but I really get sick of turn-based combat quick. I'll pay for new levels thats it. Thats the thing developers need to understand, no ones gonna play money for clothes unless they're real clothes. PROVIDE DLC IN THE FORM OF NEW GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!THE GAMERS HAVE SPOKEN.

Lord Vader3676d ago

Absolutely, best Star Wars game in awhile. If you are a KOTOR fan, one of the skins is Darth Sion from KOTOR II... that alone made the purchase for me. Can't wait for the new campaign DLC they are working on....

Foxgod3677d ago

are there any nekkid twilleks in this DLC ?

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