How Sony & Microsoft Have Handled PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X Reveals So Far

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X launching later this year, Sony and Microsoft make interesting decisions in revealing the consoles.

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TheScotsman36d ago

Nice article, Sony is defo playing there cards to there chest

blackblades36d ago

Sony be teasing, also its best not to show so early anything could be changed like with ps3 boomerang controller.

Dovergamer36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Sony is having full control of the situation. They should continue doing so. They are tight lipped and they are extremely careful showing anything early. It's better to reveal when the time is right.

Microsoft will continue blowing up few fuses with their classical stampede of puff pieces and daily Forbes articles.

Rude-ro35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I still wished they would have committed to that controller...
There was an aftermarket version with the ps1 that felt so good in the hands..
The design allowed for any size hands to find their comfortable spot instead of the one size fits less hands approach.

Elda36d ago

So far it seems Sony is playing their cards well.

originaljohn36d ago

MS clearly have more work in terms of the message they want to get across to everyone. Im not 100% convinced people know what they're doing, which makes things more interesting to watch unfold. Things are much easier for Sony who have been quieter than I expected but they've undergone major reshuffling which has obviously taken focus away internally from launching the ps5 but they still have time.

Dovergamer36d ago

Sony is playing the Chess game like Magnus Carlsen without any doubt.

SolidGamerX36d ago

Cant make a comparison when Sony hasn't revealed PS5 yet.

Rude-ro35d ago

Visually per the box.. more information though plus Sony has the benefit of not taking the last 9+ years off from making new AAA ips... so that consumer trust level adds to the anticipation of their new console.

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