Top 5 Video Game Trilogies of the Decade

Top 5 Video Game Trilogies of the Decade - The 2010s were filled with many incredible games, but these trilogies stood out as the best in the 2010s

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jreeves82414d ago

You can't have Mass Effect trilogy on this list. Granted they are amazing games but only 2 and 3 released this decade. Number 1 came out in 2007.

TeamIcoFan414d ago

Same goes for the Arkham series, as not only did Asylum release in 2009, but Origins, which for some reason keeps being overlooked, means that it's not even a "trilogy".

toxic-inferno414d ago

I guess Origins is more of a spin-off.

That said, if Origins can be ignored, I'd say it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that the first 3 Uncharted games could be considered a trilogy. Although this article suggests that the Tomb Raider games are superior, so maybe Uncharted wouldn't have made the list even if it was considered a trilogy.

TeamIcoFan414d ago

Even if Uncharted was only 3 games, it still wouldn't make the cut since the first game released in 2007, and the second in 2009. Uncharted 3, 4, golden abyss, and lost legacy released in the past decade.

2pacalypsenow414d ago

Mass effect started in 2007

Masterchief_thegoat414d ago

If you don’t have dark soul. At your top 5 trilogy. I can’t respect that.

TheOptimist414d ago

Shit list.

Better trilogies

Shadowrun Trilogy
Dark Souls Trilogy
Darksiders (Even tho 3 was relatively underwhelming)
Dishonored trilogy

These replace 4 of the 5 options in there.