GTA 4 Just Got Delisted From Steam, No One Knows Why

Rockstar's popular open-world game GTA 4 is no longer available on Steam. The PC version of the title has been delisted from Steam for unknown reasons.

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SickSinceSix38d ago

Remaster announcement incoming?

36d ago Replies(1)
Vits38d ago

Most likely licensing issues.

elazz36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Rockstar provided a statement that Games For Windows Live is not supported anymore. Gamespot updated their article with the offical respons.

Profchaos36d ago

Rockstar Games launch version incoming hopefully with cloud saves

MrSwankSinatra38d ago

either to remove or relicense music or a remaster incoming, hopefully its the latter.

PlatinumKing198237d ago

I had more problems than hell trying to get gta4 to load up on steam, so in the end gave up and went back to ps3 to replay it.

SickSinceSix36d ago

If you run it on PS3 without running the updates you can still play with the original soundtrack too

Profchaos36d ago

You don't even have to do that I've played it since the final update on X1 BC version and the old music was still there for some weird reason. I was definitely running the latest patch.
Same as my PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.