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Will Xbox Series X games be held back by previous Xbox hardware?

People are scared that games won't look good on the Xbox Series X because it won't have any exclusives at launch. That's silly. Silly AF.

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Community1419d ago
Kribwalker1419d ago

Exactly. It’s like having a cheap laptop with a crappy graphics card playing games at minimum spec that another guy with a $3000 rig and a RTX2080 in there playing the same game on ultra

Obscure_Observer1419d ago ShowReplies(8)
RpgSama1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

I know the games will look amazing between generations, the issue I have with this approach is that those exclusive games where gameplay would be built around advanced physics and AI will not exist because that's something that cannot just be turned on and off (if the gameplay is based around that), graphically you can scale up and down within generations, but those features, which are the features I'm most anxiously waiting from the next generation will be definitely held back or even worse, not happen at all, just the same game with higher frame rate and prettier graphics.

This generation we saw how physics based gameplay or advancements in AI was basically non-existent, with this approach the first couple of years of next gen will be the same.

Ashunderfire861419d ago

That was already done with the PC version of games, and the only big change if the PC version of a game gets Mod support.

timotim1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Not necessarily. Things like AI and physics can be turned off between generations...or at least limited depending on the hardware. No one is going to be making so much of a physics based game this earlier in the generation that will impact gameplay that much. Most of the physics will come in the form of the environment, which definitely can be tuned liked shown in this video here...
Instead of complex calculation which the SX is certainly capable of, it could simply be limited in base Xbox One by comparison.

AI can also be adjusted between hardware. Nothing stopping foes in Halo Infinite from having more complex patterns of thinking on SX vs what we're already use to in Halo 5's AI as an example. You are limiting the creativity of these developers and what the consoles will be capable of

EDIT: In terms of will NEVER happen this early on in a generation. Thats just how it goes. Physics thats work that tightly into gameplay is something that will start to show up as the generation matures...certainly not at launch. Doesn't mean that their cant be impressive physics in cut scenes and environments as an example that then just becomes scripted on lesser hardware or even static...doesn't mean SX cant have games with impressive physics while they tune it down for base Xbox One...

RpgSama1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )


"No one is going to be making so much of a physics based game this earlier in the generation that will impact gameplay that much."

And this is exactly my issue, with this approach we can be sure that nobody will even try.

Zeref1419d ago

They can literally turn on and off features like advanced AI and Physics for the respective console. That's not a problem at all. Cross gen titles from 360/PS3 Era did this.

Livingthedream1418d ago

They can take advantage of the hardware, it can be done on PC,so it can be done on console as well

NXFather1418d ago

So you mean Sony won't do anything revolutionary in the fist couple of years with AI or Physics. Otherwise what is the problem. Microsoft are who they are. Who don't know that by now.

NXFather1418d ago

Why is it all on Microsoft's shoulders? Sony is the only real champion here and innovator. Are you an Xbox fanboy or Xbox preferred gamer.

NXFather1418d ago

Sony is the leading horse in this race. Where is your head at boy? It only really matter what Sony do. If Sony fail we fail.

NXFather1418d ago

You seem to have an identity crisis taking place right now!

NXFather1418d ago

Since the Physics and AI is pretty much nonexistent this gen it won't be hard to turn it off.

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Kumakai1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Lol. They said no one would support the one X either and it ended up being heavily supported. It’s easy to scale render settings and LOD in almost every game engine and they wouldn’t implement ssd, gddr6 and ray tracing in new hardware if they couldn’t scale it up and down. You’re just hating bro. At 12 TFLOPS it will hardly be a budge laptop. That’s up with high cards now.

And just so you know ps5 is doing the same thing. Same architecture structure as ps4. That’s how their backward compatibility is going to work with ps4 and why it will need special modes for the SOC to run old emulations of older consoles. The next gen consoles will actually be treated more like the mid cycle refreshes... but with a way bigger hardware upgrade.

froy4021419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

No ps5 is not doing the same thing, ps5 exclusive games will not be capable of playing on ps4, ps4 games will be able to play on ps5 aka (backwards)-compatible.

Xbox series x exclusives will be capable to play on xbox one aka LAME, definition - (crapbox that has no exclusives).

bluefox7551419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Except that most modern games on the cheap laptop with crappy graphics are virtually unplayable, even on the lowest settings. Don't believe me? Try it.

Donnie811419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Games are very scalable these days

babadivad1419d ago

Not sure why people are making a huge deal out of this. Literally every console gen is hamstrung by the previous one for at least a year. Most 3rd party games are cross-gen and don't start taking advantage of the new gen until the install base increases.

SkatterBrain1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

i feel with all the power levels this gen all over the place that games next gen will be like PC Games Releasing on Differnt settings

Switch 1.0 Teraflops Very Low Settings
Xbox One 1.3 Teraflops Low Settings
PS4 1.8 Teraflops like Medium settings
PS4 Pro 4.2 Teraflops High Settings
Xbox One X 6.0 Teraflops Very High Settings
PS5 9.2 Teraflops Ultra Settings
Xbox Series X 12.0 Teraflops Max Settings

SkatterBrain1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Seriously disagreeing is like being Blind, play witcher 3 or crysis or metro exodus on pc and turn these settings on and they match with the consoles power , im A Playstation Fanboy but i can see the truth i admit my brothers Xbox One X running in native 4k beats the PS4 Pros Upscaling and it shows sometimes

tontontam01419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

I actually bought my GPU for framerate and sometimes I turn on raytracing(30-60fps) when I play on my large (60hz only TV) I might as well turn on raytracing and enjoy the eyecandy because my TV can only display 60fps.

On my "1080p" computer monitor, to reach 144fps I even have to lower the settings to medium settings, I set my games to console quality graphics just to reach that 144fps.

I don't know why console gamers are so misinformed, we did not buy a high end gpu just for ultra graphics. Actually at one point I knew a lot of people who bought high to mid end gpu just to play "OVERWATCH @ 240fps" some even crank their settings to low where the graphics is slightly inferior to console versions just to hit that 240fps.

If there is an alternative option for us to hit that framerate I believe some of us pc gamers would choose the cheapest option. Unfortunately the only option we have is to buy high end "Overpriced" desktops.

NXFather1418d ago

Well since these games will be made on earth then yeah it will be fine. The games on playstation will look great but, both machines will have games in this generation. Now ofc you can't miss something you never had. You can however cry over something you wish you could have.

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Jin_Sakai1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

What’s silly AF is trying to defend this.

Having a game built to run on a 1.3TF machine is going to cripple next gen games no matter how you look at it. There’s going to be far more cut backs than resolution and framerate.

1419d ago Replies(1)
timotim1419d ago

The major mistake that youre making though is assuming they are STARTING with the original Xbox One and then tries to scale up, instead of starting with whatever they have to work with for the Series X and then scale down. What you assume is NOT the case.

Windows Central is defending this because they understand how it works, while you do not. Echo gave the perfect analogy earlier...did the Switch version of The Witcher 3 hold back a top of the line PC version??? Now we all know the answer to this, but why not though? Its because the top of the line PC version was the hardware used used to make the game in mind...what the Switch got was a downgraded version of that...same can be said for all console versions of the game...they were just varied degrees of downgrades from the high end PC version. So if we look at the SX as the high end PC and the Switch as the base Xbox One, it should now be clearer for you to understand...even though something tells me you'll continue with the same baseless argument.

Stanjara1419d ago

Yes and no.
If you make a game for PS4... you will need... lets say 3 years. Depending on your engine, you will then need another year to make upgrades for PS5, BUT you will need more time, incentive, headache and wizardry to make that game run on the Switch.
If you do it all from the start in the same time, your game development will not take 3 years but more, and you will start to cut corners from the start to make it run on the Switch.
So your whole idea of connected worlds with portals with an ssd, can go to waste cause of notorious loading on Xbone, and so you are changing original concept of the game, from the start.

I'm very loose with all of this but you get the point.

timotim1419d ago


Take a look at this video. This is what Im talking about. Both launched around the same time, was in development at the same time but launch for 2 different consoles in 2 different generations. The baseline project was Xbox One...they then took that baseline and tried their best to make Xbox 360 fit within that as best it could and these are the results

rainslacker1419d ago

It works like that for graphics. Not for game design. There is a difference, and it's the game design that is the problem. Graphica are easy to scale. AI patterns, or balancing of objects on screen and their behaviors, and the way data is processed(HDD vs SSD access speed expectations) can have a huge effect on advancing game design.

If all you want is a prettier current gen, with this gen being most a prettier last gen, then sure, support forward compatibility. I just hope MS doesbt mandate that devs have to do such a thing. If MS wants to do it in their own software, then awesome. All that talk about how great all these new studios are going to make them is for naught, because theyll be restricted to last gen designs. Which may be the case anyways if MS supports PC.

Realms1418d ago

You people are crazy the Witcher 3 is not the same game on the Switch as it is on a high end PC, fundamentally many concessions will be made to game design if MS wants to continue to support the xbox one as they have stated hamstringing the xseries. Oh and you are assuming third party developers will want to do this the Witcher 3 is only on the Switch because CD Projekt Red decided it was worth the time to do this not all developers will choose this option. What many have been pointing out isn't about graphics or fidelity but game design which will limit game developers that will have to keep in mind the xbox one's limitations.

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AngelicIceDiamond1419d ago

Tell that to third party devs who don't abandon current gen systems yet. Assassins Creed: Ragnarok and BF6 will most likely be on PS4 and X1.

Sophisticated_Chap1419d ago

@ Jin

It just goes to show how little of an understanding you have when it comes to game development. If you were into PC gaming, you would easily understand why making a game work across a range of hardware options will have no effect on a game, running on hardware at the highest end of the spectrum.