Looking Back to 2005 and the Explosive Action in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

Edgar writes: "We're taking a look at evil North Korean masterminds, shit-talking Swedes and giant explosions in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction."

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isarai45d ago

What i wouldn't give to see this series return on next gen consoles and take full advantage of the new CPUs taking destruction to a whole new level.

Abnor_Mal43d ago

This was my game back in the days, ending it many times. Such a great game with two large maps to play in. The destruction back on PS2 was insane for it's time. Explosions and cars on fire flying through the air, stealing helicopters mid flight. Oh man, the memories.

Unfortunately I did not ever feel the same way about its sequel which introduced the need to steal gas and other resources to help fuel your missions. The game just wasn't as good as the first but I can't really say why as I only remember a little.

I believe the studio was sold and the franchise was shelved, hopefully whoever owns the IP will at the very least remaster/remake the first game only adding better destruction physics and nothing else.