Unbeatable's Top 5 Gadgets for 2007

Gadgetry goodness is in abundance this year so the UK's own Unbeatable troops produced this guide to ensure you are the first to know about the must-have, state-of-the-art technology for 2007.

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bilal4911d ago

i dont think that lg hd-dvd and blue-ray combo player is so unbeatable....

greenlynxx4911d ago

For that matter neither is the PS3.

R34GTR4911d ago

Before I clicked on this article. I already know the PS3 was in that top 5. I just knew it. Yea lacks game. Deffly has a high price tag but Ken K. made one hell of a gadget. Now if its Console traits catches up with its Misc. Features. People wil drop the 600 until the price cut. "Games are the key Sony" Make them and they will come. lol

OutpostCommand4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

This is tricky.
Dont get me wrong, I absolutely love Apple. Hell, every one of my computers is made by Apple.
But I feel that the iPhone is going to be very hit and miss.
What I mean by that is that either itll be a astounding success, or itll flop extremely hard.
My gut feeling says it wont take off.
Why ? Price.
I rarely care about price,
and I absolutely adore gadgets.
But about £400 for a phone is a bit on the...expensive side.
Its a phone for goodness sake !
Sure, it can do this, and it can do that,
but its still a phone !
And one of my main worries about expensive phones is that they break far too easily.
Put it into your back pocket, forget, get on the bus, and *crunch*, there goes £400,
which couldve been spend on over 8 games, 1.5GB of ultra l33t h4Xx0r Corsair DDR2, or a 8800GTX.
But then again, dont listen to me.
Phones is the department in which im retarded in.
All I need in a phone is to be able to talk and text-
I dont care for wireless internet access, picture browsing, or video messaging;
Ill do that at home.
So, yeah, dont listen to me...

Well, TBH, stretching it just a tad with the 'Taking gaming to next level'.
I assure you, im 100% Sony fanboy, but in the end, I dont think you will actually think to yourself
"OMG 360 suxXx0rz looooolz", but MAYBE you shall see a noticeable difference in a few years when Cell is taken advantage of, and PS3 games look a bit better. Not much, just a bit.
(However, IMO PS3 has better games. DONT FLAME ME, its just MO :-P )

3.Hybrid player:

Ok, yeah, ill give them that.
Its a nice purchase-
whichever format flops, you can still use the prevalent format.



About this.

Oh, who am I kidding. Vista is not excellent. Its far from it.
I would only recommend buying it for DX10.
Other than that...oh, lets stop beating around the bush. It sucks.
I would understand if this was in development for 6 months, but 5 years of development for...this...?
Come on.
Why am I so anti-Vista ? Because its only marginally superior to XP in terms of everyday usage, but it requires far more power to run.
Hell, DX9 games run between 5%-70% worse on Vista (I didnt pull that out of my backside. I got it from Anandtech). Many ran 50% worse, so its not like 30 games ran 5% worse, and 1 ran 70% worse.
I just dont like it.
Shinier menus dont make me want to buy this.

Looks very nice.
Im not looking for a new Laptop, but if I was, I would consider this.

rjkc4911d ago

i really cant wait to get one i thought the psp was cool but this takes cool to a new level . I wonder how apple would do if they ever ventured into the gaming industry there were some rumors flying around last year