We Need to Talk About E3's Future if Sony is Skipping E3 2020

It's a topic Daily Reaction has covered countless times before, but it warrants being covered again. If Sony is indeed stepping away from E3 2020, we need to look critically at the future of E3.

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Thundercat7787d ago

Last year many were saying it was going to be a fatal huge mistake but nothing happened to PlayStation. They are still the market leader and very strong.

I have no problem with E3 but chanting doom on a company because is not attending is very ridiculous.

King_Noctis87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

The same thing could be said to E3 as well. People were claiming and wishing for E3 to die just because Sony didn’t attend. Despite all that, E3 is still alive and strong, with or without Sony’s presence.

nucky6486d ago

show me a link to story where "people" were wanting/wishing for E3 to die - i missed that. and E3 is hardly "strong. sony didn't do a presser last year. nintendo hasn't done one there for years. neither activision or EA had booths at last years E3. i think these companies are just finding better ways to use their resources. your claim that E3 is "alive" is accurate - "strong"? - not so much.

sampsonon86d ago

they were stuck with MS lol
that show last yr was a gem right?

King_Noctis86d ago

“ show me a link to story where "people" were wanting/wishing for E3 to die ”

Seriously though, are you new to this site or what? Because if you are, wait until Sony officially announce that they won’t be at E3 again this year. Then you’ll see.

“ your claim that E3 is "alive" is accurate - "strong"? - not so much.”

It is still alive and strong. It is still the biggest gaming show of the year. I haven’t seen it got canceled yet. I haven’t seen any gaming show surpasses it yet.

Obscure_Observer87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Sony skipped E3 because its expensive they had anything new to show as confirmed by the fact they skipped PSX too.

If rumors that they don´t have any big annoucement to make regarding PS5´s first party games turn out to be true, I can see Sony skipping E3 again this year.

They´ll be back once they found they´re ready

nucky6486d ago


who are your sources for the rumors you're talking about?

rainslacker86d ago

Wow. Sony will have an underpowered console. Sony has no games to talk about in regards to PS5. it really seems the rumor mill has nothing good to say about Sony right now. Kind of odd that nothing but bad rumors come around for PS5.

TheSaint86d ago

Will you ever stop lying?

Obscure_Observer86d ago


And we have a silent Sony regarding all those rumors. Can´t say Ryan´s stance over all this is good or bad at this point.

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TK-6687d ago


***I have no problem with E3 but chanting doom on a company because is not attending is very ridiculous.***

You're on a gaming forum that screams about impending doom over anything. This is to be expected at this point.

Thundercat7786d ago

You are kind of right. I never saw in my life a group screaming impending doom over a company just for a console logo.

rainslacker86d ago

E3 is a crap shoot in terms of marketing. One could have a great show, but the press is really bad about focusing in on singular topics, and using this mentality of one or two things to incite mob mentality and spew out countless opinion pieces, many of which miss the mark, and go to extremes to play the console wars to drive their own hits.

The press is really the biggest reason why E3 is dwindling. E3 is a marketing event for the gaming industry. If the press can't treat it as such, what's the point in spending millions of dollars to attend, hold a conference, and use resources for months to prepare.

If what comes out of E3 is no better than what comes out of a simple press release, and basic social media marketing, what do you think a company is going to choose? At least with social media marketing and press releases they can time their announcements and marketing to optimize visibility.

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Knightofelemia87d ago

If anything Sony had hype at E3 last year when Square dropped the FF7 remake bomb for PS4. I'd like Sony to be at E3 2020 I want more info on PS5 and some great games that they always manage to pump out . But if Sony drops out of E3 2020 oh well there is always 2021.

nucky6486d ago

the way jim ryan is talking, we're going to get plenty of info on ps5 in the coming months.

Mr_Writer8586d ago

What makes people think Sony will skip this year?

They have new hardware to reveal and talk about. If it follows a similar patten to PS4 E3 will be about games out in the first year, tease of games for year 2, full release date, and of course price.

Sprinkle in some PS4 games (ghost) and some 3rd party games (both PS4 and PS5) and Sony would have plenty to show and tell, which was their issue with last year, after struggling with in 2018 (the concert one).

Tbf the PS4 support seems to be drying up quicker than PS2/PS3... But hopefully that means 3 maybe even 4 years chocker of first party games for PS5.

moriarty188986d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Sony should be there to showcase the PS5 and its launch games. Stupid decision to skip it due to a new console launch and it is still a relevant show as well as the biggest regardless what Sony may think. I love Sony and Playstation but I will call them out and not blindly follow them like some sheep will. PS5 will be even more of a monster by having a prescence there. Skipping a show like this with the imminent launch of a new gen console makes them look cocky and arrogant like in the early PS3 days.......yes even Sony makes mistakes. No one is perfect.

annoyedgamer86d ago

I'd rather they skip it again. And hopefully Microsoft follows. E3 doesnt need to exist.

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