EVGA Unveils RTX 2060 KO Series Starting At $279, Tackle RX 5600 XT

EVGA has just lifted its latest GeForce RTX 2060 KO series graphics cards which aim to offer the best performance under $300.

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lelo2play41d ago

My next card will be AMD... Nvidia need a kick in the butt with their overpriced cards.

instantstupor39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

$279, if it can stay at that price point, is a starting to get into at least decent territory. I bought my GTX 1080 May 2017 for $399. It's taken over 2.5 years, but the 2060 gets in the ballpark in general performance (though with 2gb less VRAM); the cost for RTX has made those 10 series GTX cards hold up much better than they should have over the years, and at way too comparable pricing. GPUs have stagnated quite a lot the last few years.

If the RTX tech had proved itself in more than the exceedingly small number of titles, then perhaps the stalling of general rasterized performance wouldn't have been such a big deal. But given that few titles have proven RTXs worth, with some only seeming to prove RTX is "good" at getting similar visuals with worse performance, we're still looking at the market largely the same.

Hopefully the next generation of cards are more exciting, have better pricing, and, assuming Nvidia sticks to RTX, more titles to make use of it and more tensor cores to make performance with those features worth using - especially in the lower end of the product stack.