Ray Tracing Completely Changes Minecraft While Adding a Level of Maturity | Gamerheadquarters

The Minecraft ray tracing with details from CES hands-on time with this experience that adds a level of maturity and completely changes the visuals of the game.

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skycaptin51619d ago

The ray traced visuals add a matured look, one that's darker and more natural in how they present. The base visuals are more friendly, that was the just of the maturity addition.

NeoGamer2321618d ago

Minecraft just continues to grow. Glad that this game is available to so many gamers on so many platforms. Truely, a world game that encourages everyone to participate.

anonymousfan1618d ago

I just wish the pc version supported splitscreen...

Kabaneri1618d ago

They should have made the Super Duper Graphics pack exclusive for Xbox one X and PC. Thats what sucks about this crossplay crap is we are basically stuck with a mobile version on all platforms.

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Skate-AK1618d ago

Great game. I like it much more than Minecraft.

froy4021618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Raytracing is frickin nice, I have to admit. I hope they bring back a good dead space games with Ray tracing next gen.


Marvel Rivals Preview: A Whole Lot of Controlled Chaos | CGM

CGM Writes: Going hands on with Marvel Rivals at Summer Game Fest 2024 showed us that not every PVP shooter is meant for casual players.

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purple10112h ago

Its Marvel vs Valorant vs Concord this summer,

3,2,1, FIGHT-

phoenixwing9h ago

I'm buying none and sticking to single player


Minecraft's Tricky Trials Update Makes a Good Case for a Village Update

With Minecraft’s June 13 update, new features include a stronger Bad Omen effect and raid rewards, meaning a new village overhaul should come next.

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Astro Bot Hands-On Preview - A Joyful PS5 Platforming Adventure | CGM

CGM Writes: After seeing the new PlayStation exclusive, Astro Bot at Summer Game Fest, we give our take if it truly is as joyful as it looks.

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Jin_Sakai1d ago

These are the kind of games I like. Can’t wait!

Hofstaderman1d ago

Can't wait. Can never bring myself to delete the first one off my ssd even when I need space, its that good.

purple10122h ago

I deleted it, - but re downloaded it and got another 4 jigsaw pieces yesterday!! all this news of astro made me want more. can confirm I sighed and smiled multiple times, which is more than I can say for the usual games I play (cod & GT7, which do invoke a little bit of edge of the seat excitement, but not as fun as astro)

isarai16h ago

Im excited to buy this, just a simple fun platformer. Japan/Asobi is such an underutilized team, i hope this changes that cause they've honestly produced some of the funnest platformers outside the Mario series imo. I still replay puppeteer from time to time

jznrpg14h ago

I was thinking about Astro Bot and games they made sort of like it in the past and it reminded me of Puppeteer.

It came out at the very end of the PS3 generation so it didn’t get much attention as PS4 was right there. They really should remaster that game for PS5 it was a lot of fun.

The_Hooligan7h ago

Yes!! Absolutely! Puppeteer is a very underrated gem. I believe it's part of the game catalog on PS+. If anyone hasn't tried it, give it a shot.