Radio Shack Black Friday list

This is a list of Radio Shacks Black Friday sales

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PoSTedUP3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

looks like i am getting the best deal this black friday (32'in MAG 1008i LCD for $375.00) its from a friend though, not a store.

poopface13651d ago

last year I got a 32in 1080i LCD from bestbuy for 440$. There are some great deals around this time of year.

psnDevistator3563651d ago

DuelShock PS3 Wireless Controller - $29.99

butterfinger3651d ago

Time to pick up 2 more DS3 controllers:)

TheColbertinator3651d ago

Maybe I will get one now.I still have the SIXAXIS lol

Homicide3651d ago

I didn't know they sold controllers there. Picking one or two up on Friday.

The Matrix3651d ago

Getting a dualshock there and I'm thinking about the 32" TV but what the *@#( is AOC?

reincarnated3651d ago

im gonna pick up 2 dual shock controllers! just in time my six axis analogs are busted and squeak every time i play R2 lol

dericb113650d ago

WTF? Is the whole world not seeing the 8GB USB Card for $20? Its a $60 price drop. I will get 2 lol.

The Matrix3650d ago

The whole world is seeing, they're just not caring.