Xbox Series X Needs to Crush the PS5 Out the Gate

Microsoft has been steadily readying its entire ecosystem for the launch of the Xbox Series X. Now, it's time for them to capitalize on their preparation.

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mrmikew2018423d ago

Hmmmm......not really.

MS just need to focus on what they’re good at.

Obscure_Observer423d ago

I think Microsoft´s main focus with the Series X is to make it the best Xbox console ever. They need to best themselves first, before worry with Nintendo and Sony.

There´s no controversies, gimmicks, or crazy focus on non gaming related stuff.

Very powerful console
Plenty of first party studios, games and new IPs in development.
Less focus on GaaS and MTs
More focus on SP and RPG games
Enhanced BC
Compatible with all Xbox One´s products, services and features

I think the Series X has everything in place to be the best Xbox console ever. If it will beat the PS5, remains to be seen,

fiveby9423d ago

Unless Sony really drops the ball then I think it is highly unlikely Sony is bested by MS's Xbox globally. However, I think Xbox can be really good in it's own right. MS needs to give their studios time and don't meddle too much in their creative process. Let creators create. I also expect we will see some increased 3rd party game cross platform play online.

leejohnson222423d ago

Sounds more like mixed messaging and customer confusion again to me, after the most powerful console in the world I think they did very little and didn't use the X to show it's full potential. MS like to be all bragging rights and then no substance, that's why it has the fan base it has on YouTube and twitter, grown men spreading lies and click bait

darthv72423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

This time around, Balmer is not in charge so they dont have a maniacal person who is bent on "destroying Sony". People just dont seem to understand there was a major changing of the guards at MS not long after the XBO released. It was those changes that helped turn things around and lead the xbo to nearly 50m in sales. If they didnt make those changes then it would prob have been no better than the og xbox at 25m sales.

The last three systems play out like this.
PS2: 155m - PS3: 87m - PS4: 106m
XBox: 25m - 360 - 86m - XBO: 46m

PS2 / Xbox was something like 5-1 while the PS3 / 360 was nearly a tie and now PS4 / XBO is just over 2.5-1

bluefox755423d ago

C'mon, not even you think it has a chance of competing with PS5.

Eonjay423d ago

Right. It's a setup to say that Xbox has to crush PlayStation immediately or else it fails. They night as well call it a failure now if that is the standard the think needs to be set. PS4 is the clear winner but it didn't immediately obliterate Xbox. So they want Xbox to do something that even PlayStation didn't? Nutty.

extermin8or423d ago

The last three systems play out like this. 
PS2: 155m - PS3: 87m - PS4: 106m 
XBox: 25m - 360 - 86m - XBO: 46m 

It's important to remember the ps4 launched a year after the 360 and the 360 fail rate and refusal to cover the RROD means alot of those sales were people replacing a broken console. I reckon the actual player base is more consistent between generation. The 360 definitely had the largest of the 3 but I am unconvinced it was as high as 83 I suspect it's more like 65 million.

Soulrakk423d ago (Edited 422d ago )

It doesn't have to. That's what people need to get out of their heads. The Xbox Series X doesn't have to outsell the PS5 to be considered one of the greatest consoles. Let's also not forget that PlayStation is in WAY more markets/regions than Xbox. It's no surprise to me when PlayStation universally sells more consoles. Nor should it matter. If Xbox is doing everything right, which so far it looks like their poised to have a great generation. Why does it matter so much if they "beat PS5"? If the value, content and experience is there, it doesn't have to be justified by sales numbers in comparison to another product. If it's there, it's there. Dreamcast is beloved and it sold like hot garbage. It still held some of my most memorable experiences as a gamer. The sales comparisons are interesting, sure. But that's about it for me. It doesn't tell me which experience is better. There's been plenty of products that I consider better than others that don't sell as well as the trendy hot product.

indysurfn422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Good at long term? hmmm i'd like to see you make a list I will give it a quick try.
1 console operating system (minus repeating lara coft games 20 times to make it look like they have more games.
2 game subscription services.
3 slightly larger controllers,
4 3rd party games.

Godmars290422d ago

"The Xbox Series X doesn't have to outsell the PS5 to be considered one of the greatest consoles."

Only at this point, by the fact that MS is making their game available not just on PCs but tablet and phones if they can get streaming right, the Xbox "Series" isn't going to be a console, but a software platform across several devices.

derek422d ago

@darthv72 how do you know how many xboxes have been sold? MS isn't telling anyone. 46 million? No way that's too high.

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Vits423d ago

Pretty much. People do love the idea of a console war, but as far as Microsoft is concerned the focus should be in creating a good device that taps into their strengths and is attractive enough to cultivate a health user base for their new ecosystem.

Godmars290422d ago

But when has an Xbox legitimately shown is strength? When has said strength been expressed through hardware? By want of their play anywhere initiative their most their latest and powerful is going to be limited by their least, least, powerful.

Vits422d ago

I assume you never had a Xbox OG. That thing expressed all the strengths of Microsoft at the time, good games, amazing conversions of PC titles, better visuals at higher resolutions and by far the best online service of it's time.

And developmentent is top to bottom. Not bottom to top. So even if they do support the XOne family of devices until 2021 like Matt Booty mentioned in its interview or if they indeed release a weaker Lockhart down the line that really doesn't change anything. Microsoft has had that approach for their PC ports for a while now and that have done wonders like allowing their new games to run on very weak an old hardware like 2008 processors and 2011 graphic cards. So I fail to see why they would use the same aproach for a lineup of consoles.

Godmars290422d ago

No, actually owned an OG Xbox, not that it mattered as many are showing here how its "strengths" feared at the time against the PS2.

Vits422d ago (Edited 422d ago )


The console selling more or less than it's competition is not important. What is important is using each device strengths to provide a good experience for it's user. And that is exactly what the Xbox OG did at it's time and that we should hope to see again with the new Xbox.

Godmars290422d ago

Only the issue is that Xbox's strengths haven't been enough to give it lasting traction much less market expansion. It would be one thing if we were only talking about its current user base, but we're not.

Vits422d ago (Edited 422d ago )


This is not going anywhere. We aren't even discussing the same thing. So I will just finish it here.
You are "correct" in your point. However it have absolutely nothing to do with mine.

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crazyCoconuts423d ago

Right, and even if they're second place in sales or whatever, as long as they're staying in business and have happy customers, it's all good

Soulrakk422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Exactly. It doesn't HAVE TO beat PS5. They both can live as long as the experience is there. That's pretty much been Spencer's whole agenda & motive since he took over. He only cares about taking care of HIS customers and THAT is the right approach. Regardless of sales. They clearly don't care about it and focus on servicing current and potential customers. Which is the real reason why they switched their metrics & analytics from sales to service. Despite people claiming it's because they don't sell more. That's completely false narrative nonsense to fuel console wars.

1Victor422d ago

For series x to crush the PS5 it needed to be released one year ahead of PS5 some places like Europe 18 months+,have major supplies issue, be cheaper, pay mayor money to developers to time exclusive as well as DLC, PS5 need to be a bit harder to develop games for and buy a mayor publisher like EA,Activision ETC.
other than that I don’t see series X crushing the PS5 but hey miracles happen in the movies all the time specially sports and heroes

WickedLester423d ago

No. Actually they need to focus on what they've been bad at.

n1kki6423d ago

This article is such a dumass antiquated way of thinking. MS isn't going to solely rely on console sales to get market penetration of software; 1 billion windows 10 installs, gamepass, xcloud, etc). Revenue and profit driven by portfolio not limited to console sales.

I'm not saying hardware sales aren't important. But it's 2020. Adults think in revenue, profit, loss. What you find on financial reports > what you find on N4G.

russo121422d ago

We are here to talk about games, not finances.

iQuasar423d ago


Microsoft should not and cannot beat Sony at their own game. They need to do their own thing and do it in such a way that makes their customers think, "Gee I never knew I wanted that."

AAA developers have been doing this for years and breeding a tribal mentality of brand loyalty. Why can't I be the type of person who wants to own both consoles because they each bring something unique to the table?

rainslacker423d ago

You can be a multi console owner. If people have a problem with it, that's on them. No one is required to participate in the console wars. It would be nice if people would stop assuming that any criticism is based on console preference though. Unlikely to happen, because it's the poor man's way of dismissing criticism to perpetuate that tribalism

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zsquaresoff423d ago

Xbox needs to handle Nintendo first before they get to Playstation. Let's not forget xbox is in third spot this gen.

ThinkThink423d ago

Xbox and Nintendo are buddy buddy right now plus they are going after different markets. MS is in competition with Stadia and Playstation before Nintendo.

Knightofelemia423d ago (Edited 423d ago )


Stadia is a dumpster fire Microsoft is running circles around them only major competition Microsoft has is Sony.

battlegrog423d ago

Sony and nintendo and MS are all buddy right now,Which is exactly what we want. Reality is all these brands have something to offer and as we move forward the market is going to need more big players to work together. Sony is going to be using MS server structure around the world and i bet nintendo is going to make a deal to.Future is bright for everyone !

AngelicIceDiamond423d ago

Stadia messed up worse than MS ever did in 2013. Only reason why MS had huge backlash compared to stadia was because MS already has a established fanbase and ppl felt betrayed when MS tried going the route they were going. Nobody believed Stadia from the jump because google has no fanbase. Everyone smell't BS from the moment google announced Stadia and started super promising everything and failed at ALL of it. Stadia was mocked from the start to the launch. The past 7 years taught us anything is to not fall for hype especially from a company who's never done gaming.

badz149423d ago

Only Google is the one left thinking that Stadia is competing with PS or Xbox...or even competing at all, really. everybody else is already certain that the Stadia is a dud

extermin8or423d ago

Sony and microsoft have a contract signed to work together on game streaming and sony is going to be using Microsoft's servers to run ps now. Microsoft doesn't want to beat sony or eradicate them. More ps5's sold will mean more money microsoft makes.

livedeht422d ago

@leejohnson22 dude, literal Lol... Thank you.

rainslacker422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

I haven't heard much about this whole Xbox and Nintendo cooperation thing for about a year now. better together was a cross play marketing thing, but beyond that, has there been any huge cooperative effort between the two? Minecraft maybe, but that's just one game.

Exactly what influence or positive effect has come from that past cooperation that hasn't already played out it's course in the whole console wars arena, and how has it affected the sales or reputation of either console maker involved for the long term to be a consideration for the future?


"Sony and microsoft have a contract signed to work together on game streaming and sony is going to be using Microsoft's servers to run ps now"

No. That isn't the case yet. it may come, but that isn't where things are at right now. Most of that "contract" from the announcement was for things that didn't involve gaming technologies or services.

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Obscure_Observer423d ago


Nintendo´s WiiU is third place this gen.

TK-66423d ago

It's amazing how the Wii U failed so badly that people forget it's in 3rd place and assume the Switch is in the same generation as the PS4 and Xbone.

Atticus_finch423d ago

Nah Xbox is behind PS4 and Switch. Switch is not next gen.

xX-oldboy-Xx423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

If you want to play that card - do you think series x or any iteration of xbox (how many did we have this gen - 4?) will outsell SWITCH?

I didn't think so haha

343_Guilty_Spark423d ago

And PS3 was third last gen by the end of 2013. But Going by PS fans it'll outsell the Wii if you give it 10 more years.

Thundercat77423d ago

FYi, PS3 ended second place and Xbox 360 last place.

Atticus_finch423d ago

Sure Buddy....
That still doesn't change, that this gen Xbox takes yet another gigantic L.

Jay767423d ago

[email protected] the ps3 outsold Xbox 360 by a few million consoles. The Xbox never beat PlayStation in the console market.

bluefox755423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Yeah, then they shot to first, just like every gen.

343_Guilty_Spark423d ago


PS3 was at 80 million in 2013 when the Gen ended. Xbox 360 was at 84 million in 2013. Try again.

extermin8or423d ago

I mean year on year ps4 outsold the 360. It came out a year later and was kneck and kneck bot to mention the 30% fail rate on early box's that ms refused to cover so alot of people had to rebut their consoles. Everyone inwas at school with at the time that got an xbox (most people) had to buy 2 or 3 of them across the generation. No reason not to believe that was not fairly common .

Soulrakk422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

The agenda that PS3 beat the 360 is a fantasy that is only based on longevity & sales numbers. It was FAR over by the time PS3 caught up. 360 was by far the better experience too and transcended online gaming as we know it. So don't take anyone serious who thinks the PS3 won that generation. Sony in double the markets couldn't catch the 360 in the generations prime hey-days. It was dominated by 360. Facts. With that logic, by some form of miracle, let's say the Xbox One somehow, someway outsold the PS4 over the course of the next decade. What do you think these same people would say? These people need to stop it & seek help. Whatever is convenient for their argument.

IRetrouk422d ago

Guilty it's you who needs to try again🤦‍♂️, the ps3 overtook the 360 worldwide sales by Jan 13, like it or not, not only did sony sell more consoles they sold them faster too, get over it man, it's in the past🤷‍♂️


RazzerRedux422d ago

"PS3 was at 80 million in 2013 when the Gen ended. Xbox 360 was at 84 million in 2013. Try again."

You are pretending this is like a sports event and time ran out. lol.....sorry, but that's not how it works. Microsoft sold and support 360 after this gen started. Just like Sony sold and supported PS3.

P_Bomb422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

“ These people need to stop it & seek help. Whatever is convenient for their argument.”

Pretty sure IGN, Guinness World Records etc, put this to bed years ago https://guinnessworldrecord... /s

Another day, another conspiracy theory.

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PhoenixUp422d ago

“Let's not forget xbox is in third spot this gen.”

Trying to erase Wii U from history I see

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Neonridr423d ago

I mean we all know that isn't going to happen. MS just needs to deliver good games to get people wanting to buy their hardware. 3rd party games that might run slightly better isn't enough to get people on board with their systems.

ChristopherJack423d ago

It was the reason I chose the PS4 shortly after launch when both console were similar priced here and there were no good exclusives imo on either platform yet.
If both are more or less identical, why would I choose the weaker console? Sure many will choose because of branding, loyalty, expectations, or whatever but at the end of the day, they were both really similar but the PS4 was a little better.
With how things are now, and that I've upgraded to the PS4 Pro, I still think I made the right choice as I had better exclusives to play with & the fact that I own a gaming PC means I don't miss out on Xbox exclusives either but my opinion would probably be rather different if I didn't mostly play PC.

TheEnigma313422d ago

PS4 was $100 cheaper and xbox had a mandatory kinect and drm at launch. Turned people off.

ChristopherJack422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Same price where I lived(Australia) shortly after launch. Xbox one launch price was $599AUD, PS4 $549AUD, a couple months later it wasn't uncommon to find the Xbox at the same price as the PS4, or even lower. Especially preowned (how I bought my original ps4).

All their stupid reveal shenanigans were more or less reversed before or shortly after launch so that didn't affect MY choice.

Ultimately they had the weaker console & neither had any exclusives that I liked so Sony won by default.

If the original launch was between the PS4 Pro & the One X, same original line-up, I'd have gone for the One X because it was more powerful. Though I may have regretted missing some of the playstation exclusives along the way.

Neonridr422d ago

@TheEnigma313 - it had DRM at the reveal, they ditched it before the console actually launched.

bahabeast423d ago

I just saw a article saying all xboxes will be backwards and forward compatible. IDK if this is good or bad. But o can see lots of people buying just a Xbox one x and buying series x games to play on it.

xX-oldboy-Xx423d ago

Bingo! Which parent wouldn't buy the cheaper model if all games are playable on it?

Does everyone have the best GPU in their PC's - nope.

It will be the same for series x - it just won't be appealing when you can get the same experience (although at a lower res) on a cheaper console.

rainslacker423d ago

Parents tend to buy what their kids say they want. Barring communication confusion, I doubt this will be much of a problem for MS.

If apparent is just looking for a cheap gaming system, and their kid doesnt really care, the choice is going to be a crap shoot where either company could benefit.

The market is diverse. There is no one analogy which will fit all scenarios withing the buying public.

xX-oldboy-Xx423d ago

Mine didn't - I got a Commodore C16 and Jack Attack when everyone was getting a Commodore 64. Very annoyed I was.

I had to buy my own SNES, PS1 and so forth.

You bring up the point of 'communication confusion' - I truly see that as something that will happen with series x.

People are ridiculously stupid,

rainslacker422d ago

LOL. My first console was a Atari 2600, but my dad brought it as a family thing. Me and my mom were about the only ones that played it. My dad did some, but he usually piddled around on the TRS-80, which also had games. My dad eventually got into some PC gaming, and got out of games in the 486 days, with Betrayal at Krondor being the last game I remember him playing. Back when those kinds of games were much simpler. I think he'd have a real hard time getting into modern games of the same genre...but I digress.

My first console that was mine was the NES. I told my parents I wanted it, and at the time, it was about the only really known console worth getting, as the SMS was still kind of niche. Genesis and SNES days I asked for a genesis, and they got it for me, but I soon had them get me a TG-16, and the only time where they got me something I didn't want was a SegaCD instead of the TG-CD, but I took it back for the TG-CD, and later brought the SegaCD with my own money. That wasn't a communication issue, but rather I wanted both, and they brought me the cheaper one for the time, and I finagled my way into them buying me the more expensive option.

After that, I think the only console they ever brought me was a PSP. I had my first job at a young age, so I just brought what I wanted when I wanted it.:)

I know some parents don't just buy their kids what they ask for. Quite a lot do. But, modern parents grew up as gamers, so they're probably more adept at knowing how to find the differences between these systems. But, the new Xbox naming system does require more effort on the parents part. Pricing though, PS4 is still going to be a cheaper option, but the difference being more clear may dissuade more parents from just choosing the cheaper option.

This thinig about MS maybe supporting forward compatibility with all titles could actually hurt the sales more, because a parent may see a cheaper option where their kid may still be able to play the same games, and that may be more appealing to them. May not matter the extent of mutlti-generational title releases, as just the idea of it is enough to cause an uninformed purchasing decision.

No doubt these parents kids will inform them of their error, which could play out either way depending on the parent and child, but that's not really my concern.

ElementX423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

So when the PS4 came out, there weren't any cross-gen games? Most 3rd party publishers released games on old/new gen hardware for a year or so. The quote is talking about over the next year or two, not the entire generation. So the rest of this year and next year games will play on One and Series X.

Matt Booty also said “It’s the first time in over 15 years that we’ll have a Halo title launching in sync with a new console. And that team is definitely going to be doing things to take advantage of [Series X].” There will be improvements if you play the games on next-gen hardware

xX-oldboy-Xx423d ago

This isn't about 3rd party mate - this is about a console manufacturer making their newest the most appealing it can be.

If every launch game on series x can be played on previous gen consoles - there's not much incentive to upgrade.

There's none in fact.

ChristopherJack422d ago

That's for the first year (or two) as to not alienate their current gen users like they did last gen.

Say what you will about Spencer, Xbox has certainly seemed to have become a lot more consumer friendly since their terrible Xbox One reveal when he took over.

Unfortunately it's taken them too long to walk the walk on things like exclusives but full BC & continued current gen support are two positive boxes ticked. We'll have to wait & see though how this decision affects the quality of the upcoming exclusives relative to Sony who are more likely to have some PS5 only games, which ought to really be taking advantage of the fact that they don't have to scale down to the base PS4.

Not that I expect Sony to ditch the PS4 immediately, they've shown with the PS3 & PS2 at they're still happy to support their older consoles as well simultaneously but they've always had next gen exclusives at or near launch as well.