Analysis: When will PS5 be unveiled?

And will PlayStation return to E3 2020? VGC investigates.

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ziggurcat89d ago

They revealed the PS4 in February 2013, and it released in November that year. If they follow any sort of pattern, they might hold a surprise PSX, and unveil the PS5 around the same time? If not they'd probably go back to E3, and reveal it on stage there.

Jin_Sakai89d ago

Hopefully February. It’s rumored in the article that PlayStation will not attend E3 2020 in favor of their own events.

Obscure_Observer89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

"It’s rumored in the article that PlayStation will not attend E3 2020 in favor of their own events."

Here´s hoping Sony to be back this year at E3, Gamescom, Paris and PSX.

State of Play as their main "events" has been underwhelming.

Edit: Patcher is back! And he said Sony will skip E3 again. :/

TK-6689d ago

If i'm remembering correctly the PS4 announcement event was in February. Feels like a good time of year to hold an unveiling of sorts, and allows a few months before E3 for excitement to build up

ABizzel188d ago

It has to be February or March. GDC is March and they need to get the info out to the developers ASAP, because leaks will be flying out left and right after GDC.

CoNn3rB88d ago

February is the most plausible timeframe, it's far enough from November that the average consumer can save for it and it's not too long that hype will begin to wane.

nucky6488d ago

the rumor (from around last summer) is sony will give the "1st look" in february.

ziggurcat88d ago

If that's true, then it would follow the same pattern as before the PS4 launched.

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isarai89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

The rumored GDC reveal is a prime time to do so, falls in line with there reveal of the PS4, not to mention console manufacturers usually want about a year (though it's usually just under a year) between reveal and release for buzz to build making E3 far too late for that. Though they could also just have their own separate event sometime soon aswell.

extermin8or88d ago

They already have one announced it back in October. Playstation meeting is on 12th February.

Thundercat7789d ago

When Sony says it will. I don't understand what is the obsession with it.

Tech588d ago (Edited 88d ago )

when AMD says it's ok. the most sony was able to show was a logo.
the hardware is still being manufactured.

BLizardXD88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

sources say the console is being prepared for around next month.
the ps5 has already been announced and is scheduled for this year.
the only thing many gamers are waiting for is the console debut, price, specs and pre-orders.

extermin8or87d ago

12th of february is playstation meeting event used to announce ps vita, ps4 and ps vr details. So seems reasonable to assume it is for ps5. This was announced in october.

monkey60288d ago

It's a hobby we all share and it's something exciting and new. What's not to look forward to? I certainly want to know more!

SolidGamerX88d ago

I agree with your first sentence we'll see it when Sony is damn good and ready to show it, lol. That being said the obsession comes from excitement and anticipation of a new console and all that brings with it, there's nothing wrong with that its hard to wait when your hyped for something.

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CaptainHenry91688d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I'm waiting for them to reveal the price. If Sony can launch a console that does 4K 60fps at $399 they'll win the console War with ease. The price will be key especially for casual gamers

TheEnigma31388d ago

I really think Sony is shooting for that $399 price tag.

CaptainHenry91688d ago

It's going to be hard to pull that off. But if they can do it, I'll be surprised

nucky6488d ago

the only way they do that is if they take a loss.

pornflakes88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

What means for you a win in a console war? Hardware sales? Software? If Software then Nintendo clearly outperforms Sony.

Sony exclusives sell between 7-13 million. For a 110 Million player base thats ridiculous.

In december only one ps exclusives was in the top20 of digital purchases (spiderman), Rest were 3rd party games.

RazzerRedux88d ago

"Sony exclusives sell between 7-13 million. For a 110 Million player base thats ridiculous."

No it isn't. That is around a 10% attach rate which is actually pretty good.

"In december only one ps exclusives was in the top20 of digital purchases (spiderman), Rest were 3rd party games."

Spider-man was over a year old at that point. And that is just digital so not the whole story. Regardless, when first party has healthy competition from third party games then you tend to get a large variety on bestseller lists. Not sure why you think that is a negative.

Thatgrammar88d ago


Sony exclusives have actually been selling a lot more than 7-13 million. The Last Of Us has sold over 20 million units, Uncharted 4 has sold over 16 million units, And God Of War and Spiderman have sold over 13 million units. Some playstation games sell less than 7 million as well (especially in the first 2-3 years of a new consoles life cycle). However, overall Playstation software sales are very strong. Playstation exclusive software accounts for ~15-20% of PS4 game sales and have generated billions of dollars for the company this generation.

I can’t speak about Nintendo vs Playstation software sales numbers, but as a whole the Playstation branch generates on average far more profit than Nintendo. In 2018 (the quarter ending on June 30th) Playstation had $4.2 billion in revenue while making $746 million in profit. Nintendo had $1.51 billion In revenue and $275 million in profit. The Xbox division had $2.29 billion in revenue (They didn’t disclose profits). So it would seem that Playstation sells more units of hardware and software while making the most profit. I fail to see your logic or reasoning when all of these statistics are readily available.


ArmyVetGamer88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

😂 xbox could have over 100 million in console sales and NONE of their "exclusives" would have sold anywhere near 7-13 million... but xbox fans would have claimed... look at our great software sales 😂 GTFO

SolidGamerX88d ago

I feel like we'll be looking at more like a $499 console but what will win them next gen is the same thing that won them this gen, the games.

extermin8or87d ago

@nucky64- they have often taken a loss initially to build install base and make money off software. Expect to see them go this route again for first 1-2 years. They will sell at a slight loss and once someone has bought 2 games be back in profit. I reckon.

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Father__Merrin88d ago

Next gen starts when Sony says so so the ball is in their court

DevilOgreFish88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

and the consoles aren't developed until AMD says so.

TheEnigma31388d ago

Yeah whatever. They work for the console developers not the other way around.

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