Circuit City Black Friday list

This is a complete list of Circuit City's Black Friday deals.

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Emmo3628d ago

Xbox 360 arcade + extra controller and a 20gb HD for £199

That is one hell of an offer

JoySticksFTW3628d ago

I want to get my 360 from Best Buy though, if I get one for Mass Effect, Fable, and some other RPG's.

I know that MS covers RROD with a three year warranty, but Best Buy's $50 2-year warranty to walk in and exchange for a new system should anything go wrong is too good to pass up and some major piece of mind.

The Matrix3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I'm definitely going after the $199 360 with refurbished 20 gb harddrive and free wireless controller. Also might go for the 32" HDTV for 399 from radioshack.

Also, radio shack is selling Dualshock 3s for $29.99 and a number of stores are selling psp memory stick duos (4gb) for 19.99.

And then numerous place are selling games for good prices. I saw one ad (might have been target or kmart im not sure) that's selling Soulcaliber 4, endwar and far cry 2 for $37.99 each.

poopface13628d ago

I sold my old pro for 135 and getting this stuff for 200 makes me glad I sold it. Plus now Ill get a memory card and some free games to trade in. This is a pretty good deal.

The best buy warranty is pretty good to have, I still have mine from my old 360 to use for this one.

psnDevistator3563628d ago


Barbie: The Island Princess Wii Video Game - $14.99

What a deal!!!

Mozilla893628d ago

is Brothers in Arms Hells Highway for $20, thats a really good deal. And the "Selected games for PS3, 360,etc" for $15. I love this time of the year.

PlayStationGamer4eva3628d ago

@ The Matrix

Office Max is gonna sell 4GB PSP sticks for $14.99!!!

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IzKyD13313628d ago

Holy Sh1T!!!!!

Orange Box for $20
Dead Rising $10
Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway $20!
COD3 $15
Bioshock $20
Guitar Hero 3 bundle $55
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars $5!!! (im not saying this game is good, Im just saying this is one hell of a deal lol)

im gonna be at ciruit city lol

M3 Superhero3628d ago

now thas ownage for a Black Friday

crematory3628d ago

how i wish to live in USA:(

Panthers3628d ago

You've never been shopping on Black Friday. Its a frenzy. At some stores in certain areas, people get pretty physical.

Elven63628d ago

If your in Canada, just wait for Boxing day :)

freeblue3628d ago

400 bucks for an Onkyo passthrough reciever? no thanks. i can give a 605 for less in amazon right now.

DA_SHREDDER3628d ago

I just bought the same system for 480 dollars two weeks ago. Its more then worth the price.

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The story is too old to be commented.