The Last of Us crowned as best Game of the Decade by Metacritic users

Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic journey with Joel and Ellie takes home another accolade as The Last of Us wins the hearts of Metacritic users.

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UnSelf46d ago

I'd give it to Horizon Zero Dawn.

No game in the last decade blown me away to the level that fighting a Stormbird for the first time with hacked Longhorns and traps has

ilikestuff46d ago

I need to try this game. To me, so far, I think it might be a tie between last of us and god of war, both those games are as close to perfect as I think a game can get.

Frodosmugins46d ago

Fighting the Stormbird was an experience we will never forget!!

Many of my friends have picked it up and stopped playing fast but I tell them you need to put your time in"Stormbird was one of the last fights"then you will experience a different level in gaming like never before.

sampsonon46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

that would be my close second. Well that and God Of War

UltraNova46d ago

I'd give it to Bloodborne.

rainslacker46d ago

I loved horizon, but I think tlou is on a whole other level in many ways. Horizon is still my favorite game of this gen though.

mandingo46d ago

HZD was great but it doesn’t touch the last of us.

Ashunderfire8646d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn was great, and the most beautiful HDR PS4 game I have ever seen! But I still got to give the honor to Last of Us! It manages to be a better game than Uncharted and even my long favorite Halo! Last Of Us has a storyline comparable to movie cinema! Man was that game an emotional journey every gamer should not miss! I can't wait for Last Of Us 2 and I hope it's even better story-wise than Last Of Us 1!

NotanotherReboot46d ago

Horizon is most overrated game of the decade imo

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gamer780446d ago

I’d give it to hellblade, achieved a lot for really only involving one character yet being that engrossing.

Moe-Gunz46d ago

Gameplay portion is Very weak in Hellblade and it’s one of my favorite games this gen. I wouldn’t put that anywhere near TLOU.

THC CELL46d ago

Lol u really put hb against the last of us gfx maybe great in hb but ai and story and mp not a chance

RedDevils46d ago

There loads of games better than Hellblade lol

Mr_Writer8546d ago

Hellblade was bobbins.

I bear the first boss and turned it off and deleted it.

Thank fuck I had it off Game Pass and not bought it.

I'd be crying right now.

gamer780446d ago

I didn't choose hell blade based on the fine tuned gameplay, I based it on overall impact, which to me is harder to achieve than fine tuning gameplay that we've seen before in games like last of us, uncharted, halo gears etc.

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TheKingKratos46d ago

Agreed, such an incredible game

jreeves8246d ago

I agree. It's my choice for game of the decade.

ClayRules201246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I can understand that. The game is something truly special.

The Last of Us is my favorite game of the decade too. My favorite game of all time.

DonDon300046d ago

To be fair, GOW wouldn't have been what it was, if not for TLOU. None of the other GOW games had even half the heart the latest one did. And the whole kid companion/Fathership thing was clearly influenced by TLOU.

jimbost7946d ago

Wasn't that influenced by cory having a son?

DonDon300046d ago

jimbost79 I fail to see how having an infant would inspire a game about a man and his pre-teen son. Sounds closer to TLOU. Also, is it common for new dads to have fantasies about being on dangerous expeditions with their children?

ClayRules201246d ago

Yeah, I see influence from TLoU in the new God of War.


I believe so! Cory having a son did play a role in that. And I remember reading how when he pitched the idea of Kratos and his son (story/gameplay wise) the team was not really sure about that idea, but they trusted him & the team delivered a masterpiece with the new game.

jimbost7946d ago

Dondon, mate you should watch gow game directors live from 2011. Cory is talking even back then about key ideas that underpin gow 2018. Or even recent interviews where he explicitly states that his son was the reason behind artreus inclusion in the game.
Yes they visited naughty dog to get help and learn how to implement a ai companion, but lou isn't the reason the fatherhood angle is in the game.

“So much of it reflects our relationship, and my desires,” he says. “I would love to go on an adventure with [Helo]. I hope that he would want to – that we wouldn’t have this awkward relationship that unfortunately we have right now, because I work so much. Because Kratos wasn’t around much in Atreus’s early years, Atreus interprets that as, ‘You don’t love me, you don’t want to spent time with me, it’s obvious that I don’t live up to your expectations.’ I’m trying to be better for my son. And regretting every moment that I’m not spending with him.”

Reading that quote from cory, it seems that yes indeed he does have fantasies about going on an adventure with his son.

yes mate I think they did deliver a masterpiece. Its easily one of, if not the best games I've ever played.

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Echo_46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I disagree with them.

RememberThe35746d ago

For me GOW2018 was it. Nothing better IMO. Loved TLoU but it's also frustrated me a few time. I just fell in love with everything in GOW, even the lame ass platforming was a joy.

FernDiggidy46d ago


FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

GOW is king baby.

UnHoly_One46d ago

I disagree with them because TLOU was aggressively mediocre.

Don’t get the love for it at all

AspiringProGenji46d ago

TLoU could be many things.

But mediocre? Aggressively? That BS and you know it

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Immorals46d ago

Same. Probably the most overrated game ever.

Bleucrunch46d ago

what evidence are you using to support this claim?

SolidGamerX46d ago

Probably the most downplayed ever.

FunAndGun46d ago

Just out of curiosity....what should be the game of the decade then?

Thundercat7746d ago

The masses > your personal opinion.

AspiringProGenji46d ago

It’s nit on xbox so it musT be overrated

YourGreatUncle46d ago

We're talking about The Last of Us not Breath of The Wild here

46d ago
DarXyde46d ago

It was voted so by metacritic users, not standard critics.

I never understood how something can be overrated. If Goat Simulator was voted game of the decade by the majority of gamers, just because you hate it relative to your own opinion does not mean it is overrated. If anything, it means people like you UNDERrate it, relative to the mean.

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SephirothX2146d ago (Edited 46d ago )

It's a great game but not game of the decade imo. My game of the decade would be Skyrim because it really did open world like no other game for it's time and it just was overwhelming and exciting with things to do. TLOU was great but it was it's linear design and certain doors in the levels couldn't be opened which was irritating. It had great animations and gameplay though. I would also rank GTA V, the Witcher 3 and Mass Effect 2 ahead of it.

BadElf46d ago

GTA V had a lot of doors that couldn't open too though. Have always hated that

xX-oldboy-Xx46d ago

BETHESDA bug fest - ewww.

TLOU is quality from start to finish, gameplay, story, dialogue and a technical masterpiece.

BlackTar18746d ago

when people say Linear is a bad thing I just laugh.

gamer780446d ago

I didn’t mind it being linear I just thought the ending was cliche.

46d ago
tontontam046d ago

TLOU did linear gear game like no other game for it's time and it was just overwhelming.

You elitist openworld game worshipper's make it sounds like that games which are not open world are inferior.

jznrpg46d ago

Morrowind is waaaaay better than Skyrim. I enjoyed it but it was just more Elder Scrolls with dragons .

BEASELY46d ago

These guys dont understand your opinion.

Last of Us was the best game of the decade, technically it was without a doubt.

But there were mo 2 games this decade that kept gamers on the edge of their seats for months, beyond excited to get home every single day and play due to their ground breaking freedom of gameplay, immersive worlds and overall entertainment value out of a $60 package.

Those 2 games are Skyim and GTAV don't @ me on this the TRUE numbers speak for themselves (sales, player base, player retention) combining with the quality of incredible games.

generic-user-name46d ago

Skyrim did nothing that Oblivion didn't already do, and Oblivion mostly did it better.

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Thundercat7746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Your opinion doesn't matter. The masses agree it is the game of the decade.

nommers46d ago

The masses once thought the earth was flat.

TheDragonSlayer46d ago

You realize that the opinion of masses matter less than my opinion right?

Kribwalker45d ago

“ Over 2,600 people participated in the survey, and the results are tabulated below.”

pretty small survey group for it to be “The Masses”

Livingthedream45d ago

The masses probably think fortnite or COD should are games of the decade

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Crothyk46d ago

I disagree as well. I'd put God of War 2018 as gotd instead.

A linear based cover shooter doesn't compare to many games this decade tbh. I'd put it in top 10 stories in games this decade though, sure.

Mr Marvel46d ago

It’s ok to be wrong, don’t worry too much about it.

Echo_46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

It's also okay to be deluded. You'll be fine.

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SyntheticForm46d ago

The honor is well earned.

Such a powerhouse of a game - can't wait for TLOU2.