7 Spiritual Successor Games That Did Right by Their Inspirations

Not every series continues on as long as it should, but at least some led to these seven spiritual successor games that did right by their inspirations.

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Vits38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I don't know if I would say that The Outer Worlds did right as a Fallout: NV spiritual successor. Because it's a much more diluted experience in comparison. It lacks variety in pretty much every single aspect.The dialogue interactions all do exactly the same and some are straight up busted like the dialogue options to when you are caught stealing something. Exploration is not encouraged, as the game gives you tons and tons of resources and most weapons and amor feel and look the same. Most characters also feel the same, either being a mockery of capitalist elites or working class buffoons. And to top it all off the narrative is literally black and white while NV was as grey as you can possible get. With none of it's endings being good or bad.

The game is not bad. And I hope that now that they have the resources from Microsoft that they will try again. But it is not the spiritual successor for NV that I hoped it would be.

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Segata38d ago

Dragon's Crown to D&D Capcom arcade games.
Hardcore Mecha-Metal Warriors
Daemon X Machina-Armored Core
Lost Odyssey and The Last Story-Final Fantasy
Blazblue-Guilty Gear (originally)
Fatal Fury-Street Fighter