Aion breaking records in Korea

It looks like Korea is really digging the Aion beta as NCsoft has been forced to add 25 new servers to handle the load produced by the initial crush of users and even that hasn't helped lower the wait time by much. The game looks to be tracking for it's release in 2009 and it's certainly one of the prettiest looking MMO's out there but it will be interesting to see if the game can make any dent in the World of Warcraft hegemony.

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Bodhi3624d ago

AAA Game of the Century

Bonsai12143624d ago

you guys do realize this is Guild Wars rehashed with a new coat of paint right? that's not a bad thing, but i'd rather NCSoft release some stuff about GW2 instead of making a cashcow.

Foxgod3624d ago

i was being sarcastic, i severely dislike MMO's

Gun_Senshi3624d ago

it makes WoW run for its money.

Both Guild Wars and Lineage 2 > WoW by far espically PvP

Karum3624d ago

Lineage 2's PVP is easily the best of any MMO out there. Some of the mechanics of it are pretty messed up because of the severe imbalances caused by certain kinds of gear but overall it's open pvp system is great. I hated when I tried WoW and couldn't talk to my enemies or kill some jackass from my own faction, L2 let's you kill anyone not in a safe zone (inside towns)

L Ronald Hubbard3624d ago

Its safe to say that NCSoft are gods of MMORPG.

Karum3624d ago

I've been following Aion for some time and from some of the things I've read it's reported to be a nice mix of WoW and Lineage 2 which does sound promising.

The one thing I hope that ncsoft have learned from their port of Lineage 2 from Korea to EU/NA is that they really need to enforce their EULA and support the game properly, both customer support and marketing. The marketing for L2 was/is non existant and so is the customer service, easily the worst customer service I've ever come across.

If they manage to make Aion a great game and support it well then it could be incredibly popular and this game along with the SW game Bioware are making are the only titles that could tempt me back into MMO's so I hope they pull this one off.

BBCnewsrocks3624d ago

weren't ncsoft working on afew PS3 projects, havnen't heard anything about them in a while.

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