Insomniac Games shows off their new office

Insomniac Games: "New year, new decade, new office."

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Jin_Sakai738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Nice studio! Love the couch with the Spider-Man pillows.

SkatterBrain738d ago

The Pictures Were Made on the New Mighty Spiderman Engine and Running on PS5 /s

SyntheticForm738d ago

Plot twist; this was all made in Dreams.

ilikestuff738d ago

They should only hire insomniacs. That’d be pretty metal

Unspoken737d ago

Whoa, unprecedented response! So for those who asked; played Stormland, Edge of Nowhere and The Unspoken. ;) All great games on Oculus VR. If they keep releasing for PC then great if not *shrug*, Spiderman and Ratchet won't be enough to purchase into the platform. They would need to continue to release high quality VR content for me to consider.

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Obscure_Observer738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Spider-Man was probably the main reason Sony acquire them.

I would be very surprised If their next game turn out to be a new Resistence or Sunset Overdrive sequel.

CaptainHenry916738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

You shouldn't worry about Insomniac they'll be fine and continue to make great first party exclusives 😁

Elda738d ago

That may have sealed the deal for them but I'm quite sure their history of doing business together had a lot to do with it as well.

SamPao738d ago

they wanted to acquire them a long time ago, insomniac just always refused

neutralgamer1992738d ago

No man Sony tried many times to buy them out but insomniac refused. Now they have accepted and nothing much changes besides the fact they are part of world wide studios family and get to share tech/feedback amongst each other

TKCMuzzer738d ago

Your point? I'm sure there would be plenty of happy people if they just made a Spider Man game for the PS5

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NecrumOddBoy738d ago

Zoom in and scrub everything! There has to be a hidden clue to a new game in the pics!

Double_O_Revan738d ago

Well the Spider-Man pillows are pretty obvious.

ApocalypseShadow738d ago

The clue is staring us in the face.

Two pillows facing. One pillow facing away.

Spider-Man...Two.. Lol! And if it's good, the other pillow will be turned representing Spider-Man three.

I'm going with that. Let me go with that.

DeadlyFire738d ago

More than likely there will be 2 or more games in development at a time at a few studios. These guys undoubtedly are working on Spiderman 2 game and probably something else.

Retroman738d ago

" and probably something else"

Say like Ratchet and Clank 2 ???
insomniac has not released R and C since 2016

neutralgamer1992738d ago

Most Sony owned studios have more than one team. Even Sony bend has 2 teams. Instead of just going out and buying Sony wants to grow naturally

GG 2
Bend 2
Nd 2
Insomniac 2
Sony Japan 3-4(medium size)

Sucker punch has one
MM has one

RememberThe357737d ago

I've been wondering what that second GG team has been up to for years! At this point if I don't get a next gen Killzone I'll cry.

mkis007738d ago

They (probably) greenlit Spiderman 2 within a month of the games release!

rainslacker737d ago

They're capable of making 4-5 games at a time. 2 in the AAA range, a few more in the mid-tier or indie level stuff. They were one of the largest independent studios in the world before Sony brought them, and have two large offices on either seaboard of the US. Insomniac east mostly makes tools for game engines, mobile games, and more recently VR games. Their main office makes things like SSoD, Spider-Man, Resistence, and of course, R&C. I think the reason they never showed many games in the higher end game spectrum is more due to funding of projects, but in the PS2 and PS3 days, they were often working on 2-3 AAA or mid-tier titles at a time.

As of right now, I think Spider-Man and likely a R&C are in the works. I also know they have some VR games in the works. Other stuff I've heard about through the grapevine but that's for them to announce.

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Skate-AK738d ago

Ray Tracing confirmed. Just look at that light bounce off the yellow chair.

Kane22738d ago

that's a hidden gold bolt lol

bujasem_89738d ago

Will they please take an accountant under their wing. Could start out as Tester. Congrats! Looks very cozy and well deserved

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