League of Legends Kicks Off Season 10 With Warriors Cinematic

From GameWatcher: "League of Legends' Season 10 is almost here and Riot Games has released the Warriors Cinematic to mark another year of competitive matches for its MOBA.

The Cinematic features a cover of the Imagine Dragons song Warriors which players might remember was also used to kick off League's 2014 season."

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theshredded46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

LoL will take over next generation.

Godmars29046d ago

As a how many years old game?

Then again, they or someone in the MOBA arena are diversifying into other game types and animated series. That could be a second wind and stabilization into a full-on sub-culture.

MeteorPanda46d ago

What I got from this.

Garen recently played BfA from wow.
Garen played a tauren.
Urgot needs a eternal Joe skin
Ez and kai'sai are fighting over creeps instead of helping the teamfights over objectives.
Lux lvl 5.