Warner Bros Montreal releases a new teaser image for its upcoming Batman game

DSOGaming writes: "Today, Warner Bros released a brand new teaser image for its upcoming Batman game. What’s cool here is that the logo/banner was in three different images that were released via its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts."

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Jimboms741d ago

Woooo! this is very exciting!

P_Bomb741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

Scale of Justice, parliament crown, city skyline, talons. Court of Owls?

DVAcme740d ago

That was my guess too. Cool direction to take it, since the Court is one of Batman's newer antagonists.

gangsta_red741d ago

Another Batman game from the expansive DC universe

monkey602741d ago

Yeah I can see some are excited but to me this is licence abuse at this stage

lazyboyblue741d ago

Oh. Sorry. Do you mind if I still play it?

monkey602741d ago

Stupid comment really. You can get smart all you want. I dont really care if you want to play it. You're entitled to. Same way I'm allowed to hope they'd put the resources into giving us a fresh experience and develop a new IP

741d ago
Fluttershy77741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

Oh please don't play, don't get excited and don't have fun @lazyboyblue This is license abuse!!!

vallencer741d ago

I mean they've only made 4 console versions of batman during the previous and current gens. And like 2 handheld versions. Would you say uncharted is a license abuse since they've made 5 console versions and 2 different vita games? I mean batman makes money so of course they're going to make another batman game. Just like uncharted made money so of course they made a bunch of those too. There isn't anything wrong with you not being excited but saying it's license abuse it's pretty odd.

monkey602741d ago

I'd say they did make too many Uncharted games for me to get excited about. That's exactly why I didnt play Lost Legacy. However Naughty dog gave us another title in that time too.
Rocksteady haven't done much else. I know this is a different studio taking the mantle but I'm still bored of series now. Another character deserves the love and attention

TheOtherMoon740d ago


Good, now that that is out of the way, explain how WB making a Batman game, which would be their second Batman game on console, is license abuse. I am curious to know your thoughts on companies like Ubisoft and the countless Assassins Creed games they have made.

monkey602740d ago

Ha you throw that at me like I havent got bored of Assassins Creed and Far Cry games years ago.
Arkham Asylum came out 10 years ago. It was my favourite of them all actually but anyway 10 years ago we played that and thought to ourselves "imagine what they could do with this hero! ...."

Well we still dont know because they havent bothered to try. So when they announce yet another Batman game officially I'll just continue to roll my eyes and think maybe their next game will be something different

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Smokehouse741d ago

I wish it looke like that thumbnail. A comic looking Batman game. I want the visual style of guilty gear in an open world game 😍

Wontime1740d ago

Probly could run on switch then

princejb134741d ago

awesome but they should really explore other dc heroes, maybe flash or green lantern

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