IGN: Force Feedback System for PlayStation 3

SplitFish GameWare Inc., a leader in video game hardware innovation, today announced it has developed a new dynamic force feedback system for use with the Sony PlayStation 3 and other next-generation video game systems. Basic PS2 and Xbox versions are being considered.

The new SplitFish dynamic force feedback system was designed to insure compliant operation with the new tilt, motion and directional sensor technologies currently found in the next generation game consoles.

This low power consumption force feedback technology called "Sensor Effects -- SensorFX" uses no moving parts to produce meaningful sensory feedback. A broad range of intensity and sensation compliment the ability to derive feedback sensations from isolated areas on the controller, to isolate one side or the other, movement from front to back or all areas at the same time. As an example, a gamer playing a race game can feel variations in pulse, strength and collision location and to feel intensity differences between a smooth guardrail swipe and a full frontal slam into a wall.

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Maddens Raiders4912d ago

that it's only a matter of time before the new Rumble_axis will be released for the PS3. With thanks to none other than Hideo Kojima and KK. It wasn't KK's decision to drop rumble remember? hmmm...and where is he now?

specialguest4912d ago

I hope this new technology gets incorporated into future games like MGS4. Noone aside from the creators, know how well this new feature will compare to the current one, but I'm sure Kojima will settle for anything, as long as it vibrates.

If Sony decides to bundle this new controller in with the PS3 later in the future, then I'll just wait until then. 65nm Cell proccessor along with SplitFish controller...yeah sounds good.

soccerstar4912d ago

sounds cool but it looks ridiculous when you go to their site
click on the motion fx adapter

kingboy4912d ago

yea but hopefully there`s gonna be two versions out ,meaning one which is being build into the newer sixaxis controller and an add on for the older ones

kornbeaner4912d ago

the motion FX is for the PS2, They still have no pictures up for the SensorFX which is what this story is about. Hopefully they'll comeout soon, video would be better

HyperBear4912d ago

I hoped that some sort of force feedback would be implemented into games on PS3, and finally it has, but does anyone know how much this wheel costs, cause im not putting anymore than a the cost for a Wii out for it. So this is cool, but dont know if its worth $200+ if thats what it is? Cant wait to try it out

BIadestarX4912d ago

How will this work? I'm not talking hardwarewise. I'm 100% that the PS3 can generate the required signals for force feedback. But What will happen to the people that already own a PS3? Will Sony start shipping the new controllers in the future and ask people to get the new ones? Will developers bother implementing force feeback knowing that it does not come standard with the system? will the developer's libraries force feedback will be provided by the Sony or this 3rd party developer?
Anyways, this is great news for the industry. It's about time immersion gets some competition.

big_tim4912d ago

The PS1 shipped with out analog. They brought out an analog controller. Then rumble hit the market, so they brought out an analog rumble controller called the dual shock. The PS1's were still sold with the standard non-analog/rumble for a short time after that. Then Sony included it with the console after that. The games after the dual shock came out had both options in the game.

So, this looks like the same story all over again.

Dragonopolis4912d ago

It looks like they are using another controller port for the output signal. Meaning I doubt you could get all 7 controllers to run with force feedback. Devoting a whole controller port to just feedback can give a lot of room for creativity. Lets hope Sony buys into this or at least the Developers. That way I'll just buy a third party controller that supports this and any good games that supports this as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.