Chrono Trigger Remake: It’s Time for This to Happen

Chrono Trigger is one of the most popular RPGs of all time. It's time to introduce it to a new generation.

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Knightofelemia527d ago

As much as I love Chrono Trigger I'd like to see a Xenogears remake first

Ratty527d ago

If one game deserves to be remade it's Xenogears indeed. I'd love to see the entire game the way Tetsuya Takahashi first envisioned it. The second disc strongly implies that most of the game's content was cut out.

And not to mention that it could finally open the way to episodes i-iv. I know we had Xenosaga and that they used some planned elements of the Xenogears episodes that never released but let's face it they're two different series (both great in their own right.)

But that will never happen because Square Enix would apparently much rather sit on the Xenogears IP so that no one can do anything with it ever (including themselves.)

520d ago
ZeekQuattro527d ago

I remember years and years ago there was a Chrono Trigger fan game being made. It was pretty far along to before Square pulled the plug. Who knows though maybe times are changing anytime Secret of Mana 3 is being remade.There might be hope for old Chrono yet.

Ratty527d ago

Don't get me wrong, Chrono Trigger is a fantastic game but I'd much rather see a new entry in the series rather than a remake.

goldwyncq527d ago

It's one of my favorite games of all time but it doesn't need a remake at all.

Chard527d ago

They should still fix the PC port that's on Steam

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