How Netflix's The Witcher Made Me Go Back & Experience A Game I Wrote Off

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out in 2016 and I have owned it since, only ever managing a few hours of playtime."

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IanTH1625d ago

I've also had issues bouncing off the game. My issue seems to be the combat. I think the game looks great, the writing seems solid, and the world/worldbuilding seems excellent. But the combat has to be at least passable, and I find it oscillates between boring, tedious, and annoying.

I've heard I need to play the game on death march, or at least well above the average difficulty, for the combat to get interesting. But every time I go back, I just end up quitting shortly thereafter. I never delete it though. I continue to let its beefy install to take up space on my HDD year after year, keeping the friction to jump back in as low as possible. I've never fought against my base instinct of a game harder than with TW3 - I just keep assuming one day it'll click for me.

So maybe I'll have to give it a go just...one more time. Maybe this will be the time! :-p

DrDeath1625d ago

Same. Hated the combat and the rpg style "cinematics"

pietro12121625d ago

You hated one of the best aspects of the game (not the combat)

carcarias1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Imo, you heard right.

The combat needs to be difficult in order for Signs, dodging and upgrades to matter. That's when you'll get the most out of combat. It's still not as good as a great game that is based entirely on combat but it makes a big difference. I'd give the combat a 7.5/10, which for me is more than 'good'. This combined with the other incredible elements is why it's my joint GoaT, alongside Deus Ex (2000).

For example, on harder settings archers need to be taken down quickly, shields need to be burnt out of enemies hands, two-handed enemies must be dodged or else it's often a one hit kill, horsemen need to be knocked off their steeds with Aard, etc. Using Aard to knock a man or monster on it's back then quickly running in for an instant kill is a godsend. You have to keep constant watch on your stamina and make sure you time things so you also always have Quen up. It can get tense.

As for monsters, oils and signs they are vulnerable to need to be used a lot more, as well as learning their patterns and different attacks. Same for bosses.

Potion use is essential for both types of enemies and gear needs to be upgraded regularly.

However, if you play on normal or less (or possibly anything less than Death March after you reach level 12), it's just a matter of spamming 'x' and there's no real danger which, of course, will be boring as anything :s

Anyway, good luck if you give it another go, hope you manage to enjoy it at some point :)

philm871625d ago

Put the difficulty up the the highest. Makes it so much more rewarding and feels like a proper battle. Makes you think about the use of alchemy and oils, and more important which signs you use.

ZeekQuattro1625d ago

Never played the game but the Netflix show made me want to play it. I'm just waiting until I beat at least a few games I bought in the past. You know to give me the illusion I'm making a dent in my backlog. Lol

Nodoze1625d ago

I too have had this game for some time. I picked up the complete edition a long while back and it sat in my backlog....until now. I am about 40 hours in and am loving it. The lore, the story, the world. I love it. If not for the series this would more than likely have lingered in my backlog for even longer. Thanks Netflix, and thanks CD PR for a fantastic game.

Sonyslave31625d ago

The show is ass 🤣 the game is awesome I hate how the characters look in the tv show especially Trish and Yen.

pietro12121625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Well, the show is based off the books not the game (Trish isn't a redhead in the books, etc) The show was decent, but to each his own I guess.

anonymousfan1625d ago

I was disappointed by Triss a bit but knowing its closer to the books makes it fine. Meanwhile I absolutely loooved Geralt Yennefer and young Ciri in the show.

dmonee1625d ago

Took a bit to get used to the combat. The show definitely has some in common with the way Geralt handles tasks. Decent show, loved the game, never read the books 😬

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"I started playing games yesterday" the List... Meh!

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thorstein100d ago

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shinoff2183100d ago

I can't fk with this list. They missed on alot of games probably before the writers times. Also I know people loved some portal but I was never a fan.

Cacabunga100d ago

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