Sony Knows Exactly What It's Doing With the PS5 Logo

AlienHiveMind Writes: "Despite the mocking memes, the PS5 logo is actually perfectly on-brand for Sony."

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crazyCoconuts569d ago

I don't know... PS Series Pro would have been way more clear...

UltraNova568d ago


You'all know the saying - If it ain't broken...

Unspoken568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

Have to keep it super simple for the these gamers or they may just lose it. You never know though they may start selling it like George Foreman.

568d ago
Kumakai569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Funny talking about names when logos are the subject. The Xbox logo has also been the same since the first. The x cut out of the sphere. Only the names change and the copy to support the name.

darthv72569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

The X is the logo just like the PS. https://upload.wikimedia.or... PS5 is simply an abbreviation.

BLizardXD569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

The ps5 logo was kind of obvious. the possibility of the numerated logos being preconceived years ago already resonated through my mind. no hardware or specs though at CES is the only thing major, which makes me wonder if the DF rumors have been fairly accurate. from it's patented design to the overall specs.

if there is no event coming in the next couple months then that puts E3 or next to it inline with a reveal.
in which case this does leave very little room for advertising and marketing.

2pacalypsenow569d ago

Or better yet PlayStation One

darthv72569d ago

PS5= Playstation Series 5

rainslacker569d ago

Maybe that's their backup plan? The 5 does kind of look like an S, so they could just say the 5 is an S, say the S means series, then put an X, Y, Pro, or random WindDing afterwards and be called creative and genius.

It really is quite ingenious of Sony to have so much foresight to ready themselves to be highly adaptable to whatever name MS throws out at them in the future.

Or not. A 5 is a 5.

MasterCornholio569d ago

I'm just happy that they never changed the name.

Muzikguy569d ago

While I think changing the logo up would have been welcomed, leaving it like it is is fine too. Shows stability in a way. (Not always having to change to attract people and believing in yourself) People have been complaining or talking nonsense about it, but a logo does mean something in the grand scheme of things. It's needed and it's a start. I'm ready for next gen when it comes.

Tross568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

Lol. I'm disappointed we never got a "PlayStation One". In all seriousness though, keeping things simple avoids dumb naming conventions, and also any confusion.

gamer7804568d ago

if we are being honest, the ps2 logo was a much sleeker design, but in the end doesn't really matter.

TheScotsman568d ago

Only a logo and it still holds 3 of the hottest stories on this website. Says it all. Sony is in hype mode

SonyPS360568d ago

Are we that sad that we have to insult xbox as a defence for Sony doing something considered uninteresting?

Xbone was a shitheap of a console - doesn't mean we need to suck sony's dick for every little move they make. You people embarass me.

battlegrog568d ago

You gotta be a dumb troll to think a series is complicated when many electronics are referred to series.

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gangsta_red569d ago

The many all nighters the marketing team spent coming up with that logo must have been insane.

Seraphim569d ago

you're right. considering they've used the same font for PS3 [mid gen], PS4 and now PS5. with the exception of the original PS3 spiderman font of course which was used early in the PS3 life; could be wrong but I believe it was used until the Slim dropped.

Pricey569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Probably not as many all nighters you've spent beating away to Phil Spencer. The logo was worth it just to see you triggered.

569d ago
Pricey568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

Ah Truthhurtzz, glad to see your taking the moral high ground. I think you surpassed me here though, although it's clear where you got the inspiration from.

"Ignore the pathetic sony wank fest around here. Most of these clowns are probably cousins.

4h ago1 agree0 disagree"

jambola568d ago

don't know why you'd bother arguing with someone who's obviously either a child or mentally lacking

Tross568d ago

Lulz. I'm sure Sony spends considerably less time focusing on superfluous things such as the name and/or logo for their next system, and more on actual important things, like making sure it launches with some great games. Plus, I'm sure there will be some controversy if they ever do decide to change their naming convention or even something as simple as switching to a different style logo.

jambola568d ago

I like to believe they were too busy laughing because they knew these talentless "Journalists" would spend hours talking abou tit

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gravedigger569d ago

Yep, and another one triggered. Nice to see how some ordinary logo can do so much exposure on social media.

TheRealHeisenberg569d ago

Triggered? How so? It is just a logo.

Lennoxb63569d ago

No one's triggered. It's a logo. Anyone triggered over the logo needs some serious help.

569d ago
KillBill568d ago

Except it wasn't positive exposure in the least. Though a lot of fanboys are crawling out from under their rocks and trying to spin it as the next coming of Christ. lol

gravedigger568d ago

Yep, logo reveal triggered Xbone fans here across the net. LOL

SonyPS360568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

"Triggered" implies an over-reaction. It's a fucking 5 - it doesn't need a special article detailing all the subtitles of how they designed a logo to be exactly the same as before, like it's some kind of liberal arts piece. Have fanboys devolved into such an inbred knuckledraggers that everyone needs to be automatically impressed by trivial shit like this? I cannot stand the way you people wage these stupid console wars.

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gravedigger568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

Yep, logo reveal triggered Xbone fans here across the net. LOL How nice

Xbox fans can't accept Sony is already making waves with the smallest possible PS5 reveal and making more exposure than XSX console reveal.

SonyPS360568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

Uhhh I think Xbone was a waste of money and only fools wasted money buying one, but you have to be a real loser to defend a tech company (Sony) this much. No one cares about changing a 4 to a 5. Just because they didn't go full retard this generation, doesn't mean that every last thing done by Sony deserves automatic praise. You console fanboys get more immature every time I read a comments section. It's like you're mindless drones who can't think for yourselves and just align yourself with anything your favourite console maker does. You and the 8 muppets who upvoted you are embarassing.

TheRealHeisenberg568d ago

Triggered? How so? It is still just a logo.

ApocalypseShadow569d ago

I still can't wait for this one.
With VR and AR spores included as a standard feature.

Kumakai569d ago

Omg. The logo never changes with the exception of the number.

sampsonon569d ago

why would it? they've been successful thus far.

porkChop569d ago

That's not true. The PS logos changed starting with the PS3 slim rebranding.

rainslacker569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

The original logo still exists....the P and S intertwined. It's on the PS4 system still. This is just the name logo, which started on the PS2 as I recall, then changed the font on the PS3. PS4 and apparently PS5 still use the Spider-Man font.

I do recall some discussion about how the Spider-man font was a good choice for the PS3 because it would help bring attention to the system. Not to the level of calling it a game changer or Sony would dominate the gen, or they had a master stroke which would subvert all competition and allow Sony to capture the moon using nothing but a toothpick and a rubberband.

I think one issue with the discussion is that people are misappropriately attributing this as the new logo of PS, which is not really the case. It's just the image used to identify the system and used for branding purposes.

AnubisG569d ago


The shape of the Playstation logo, the PS is the same since the very first Playstation, however, it used to be a 4 color logo. They made it a pure white logo when the PS3 slim was released and that is when they stopped using the spiderman font style that was introduced with the original PS3. Than they moved to this new font style that they keep using.

In my opinion, there should have been a change. At least a minor one to deffrenciate between PS4 and PS5. For now, all we got is a new number snd the rest is the same. I think they should have went back to the colored Playstation logo at least.

darthv72569d ago

Because that is not the logo... its an abbreviation.

This is the logo: https://upload.wikimedia.or...