Sea of Thieves Passes 10 Million Players Since Launch

Xbox is excited and humbled to share that Sea of Thieves has now been played by more than ten million players, reinforcing its status as the most successful new IP from Xbox this generation.

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Jin_Sakai1365d ago

Not hard to believe when the game was available on Gamepass for $2 and there wasn’t any great exclusives to play on Xbox One at the time.

Kribwalker1365d ago

or, it could be that it’s turned into quite a good game that has quite a following

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Concertoine1365d ago

Hopped back into sea of thieves for the first time in a year the other night with some friends. Between the fishing, fort of the damned, the tall tales and arena - its basically a completely different game.

darthv721365d ago

It's def much more expansive than initially released. And it's only going to keep growing as Rare comes up with more ideas.

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CaptainHenry9161365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I stopped playing it a year ago but it was a steal on gamepass so I'm not complaining. I did lose interest, and the game wasn't that good to begin with. The Kraken doesn't even have a body when you go under the water. I feel like Microsoft is wasting Rare's talent and not taking advantage of their talent. I recommend you play Sea of thieves with your friends and not strangers for a better experience.

MadLad1365d ago

How is MS not taking advantage of their talent .... when they still have creative freedom on what they produce?
You're creating a narrative where MS is like 'MAKE LACKLUSTER CONTENT NOW"!

All that said, I've been hearing Sea of Thieves has turned into a pretty great experience. *shrug*

CaptainHenry9161365d ago

They haven't made a game that's on the same level as Perfect Dark Zero and Goldeneye 007 over a decade🤔

MadLad1365d ago

It's almost as if the creative minds behind the games you listed left the company prior to MS putting out any Rare games or something.


bluefox7551365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

@TheRealTedCruz I don't think it's the fault of their devs. MS has the money for the best of the best as far as talent goes. I think they have talented devs, I just think they restrict their creative freedom.

rainslacker1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I played it some over vacation a couple weeks ago at my cousins house. It has improved considerably since it's first release. Didn't hold my interest enough to want to play it regularly, but that was more due to graphic design and overall way the game loop is handled as it's more like an world story where you insert yourself into the lore(like most MMORPGS), which just doesn't interest me anymore.

I do think if it weren't for game pass though it wouldn't have reached these numbers.

timotim1365d ago


Well I'm sure its recent sales also played a role in helping to reach this milestone

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Dragonscale1364d ago

The actual talented people left rare years ago. They are rare in name only nowadays.

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Christopher1365d ago

I gotta say, this statement doesn't make much sense to me.

1. Available on Game Pass for $2: yet people are still playing it regularly, so at some point they have to start paying more than $2 for it. And, the fact that people ARE playing it should mean it's worth to play over the many third-party and first-party titles on the service when they play it.

2. There weren't any great exclusives to play, even though on Game Pass they had options to include Gears 5 and The Outer Worlds (I'd mention Crackdown 3 as an option but...). Both games that scored way higher on metacritic (both 80+ games).

3. Yet they are going to play Sea of Thieves over the plethora of third-party titles including Metro Exodus, DMC5, Rocket League, Rime, and other games let alone tons of past year great games.

Kribwalker1365d ago

as well, forza horizon 4 released in that time, and has racked up a huge amount of users too

rainslacker1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

The first one wouldn't make sense if this 10 million players was an ongoing user base, and not just total number of people who have played. OP didn't say anything about ongoing MAU's(or some other metric).

Having played it recently, I can see why people would get addicted to it. It's certainly come a long way since it's release. I won't dispute 2 or 3, but neither of those accounts for ongoing users. They've also given it away with some console bundles, which obviously will help numbers.

Nothing to disparage against with the number of players here, so not trying to say it's a bad milestone.

SpaceRanger below wonders total play time of users. While that'd be hard to ascertain, surely one could look at trophy percentages of progression based and add-on stuff that could help give a more accurate picture. I don't care enough, nor am I familiar enough with the game to do it close to accurately, but if someone really wants to make their case, I think it'd be interesting info.

Since release I've played it maybe 4-5 hours. a few back when it first released, and 2-3 more recently on vacation.

Christopher1365d ago

"The first one wouldn't make sense if this 10 million players was an ongoing user base, and not just total number of people who have played. OP didn't say anything about ongoing MAU's(or some other metric)."

Please don't reduce my argument to just that, though. Much how I address each of their points, my points are an attempt to attack his argument as a whole.If #1 is about limited MAUs, cool, but why are those 10m people playing Sea of Thieves and not the other games that they also say no one has because MS never released any great exclusives even though they obviously have.

Tedakin1365d ago

It's 100 times the game it was at launch. It's a truly amazing game now.

timotim1365d ago

You talk of "at the time" but these numbers prove that the player base has remained consistent as time went on and more gamers played it as they continued to add content.

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leejohnson2221364d ago

If you have gamepads surely you'll try anything once

DaveZero1364d ago

It's turned into a very good game with plenty to do. Games don't cost once you buy gamepass and even still many will of owned SOT outright because they don't own gamepass.

Unspoken1364d ago

Glad it has to fit within your beliefs. But, what you say is not factually true as there were other great exclusives to play. FH

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SpaceRanger1365d ago

That’s an amazing achievement. I wonder what the average play time was for all those players?🤔

ziggurcat1365d ago

The issue with anyone reporting MAUs is that they basically count anyone who's booted the game, regardless of whether they've played for 5 minutes or 500 hours. That's why it's not really an accurate metric to measure the success of anything no matter who reports that statistic.

SpaceRanger1365d ago

I didn’t see any clarity on that in the article, so it could possibly be that a large portion played only for a handful of minutes. Based on some articles I read about how long it takes to get all achievements, it probably isn’t much time wise.

We’ll never know until MS decides to release that info.

TGGJustin1365d ago

Exactly. I bet a lot of people started the game and quickly got bored of it and never played it again. It's not a game you can really have fun with playing alone at all. I've tried it several times now since it's been out and I still find it to be a complete bore. Not to mention the combat and movement sucks. I also don't see any reason to play it. What are you working towards? New outfits for your character which you never see anyway b/c it's a first person game? Seems silly to me.

RpgSama1364d ago

"has now been played by more than ten million players"

That's not necessarily a great result, they're not copies sold or monthly active players, just people that at one point or another booted the game in these past 2 years.

leejohnson2221364d ago

Exactly it's a bloody nonsense and perfect propoganda tool for the professional marketing reps that for some reason people worship

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Fluttershy771365d ago

probably 1 hour, maybe 2