Opinion : With the PS5 Approaching, it’s Time for Bloodborne 2

Ainsley Bowden: "With From Software having continued to hone its craft, Bloodborne having such an impact on the current generation, and the incoming advancements in technology of the PlayStation 5, it seems like an absolute no-brainer that Bloodborne 2 could be a major title for Sony on its new console."

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mikeslemonade47d ago

Should have been BB2 instead of overrated Sekiro

froy40247d ago

Naa i prefer bloodborne 2 to be made for the Ps5

Obscure_Observer47d ago

Bloodborne 2 would be awesome while an very difficult feat for Hulst to achieve, since From Software don´t want to be part of any second party development projects.

BoneMagnus48d ago

Though there were a lot of great games this gen, Bloodborne was my favorite; I’d love a sequel.

froy40247d ago

Same here that game was amazing. If they do make a sequel for Ps5 imagine how fricken awesome it would be with all that extra horspower. With SSD no more long load times to respawn after death, more emersive and detailed environment, smarter AI, raytraycing, epic detailed bosses, 3d sound ,adaptive heptic feedback, 4k 60fps (hopefully). Plus all the other features we still don't know about yet.

Terry_B48d ago

Hey Hey Hey! Its time for Bloodborne 2 since 1-2 years already!

darthv7248d ago

Any time is a great time for Bloodborne 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.