Steam's Latest Hardware and Software Survey Names Simplified Chinese As Most Used Language

From GameWatcher: "English is no longer the most used language on Steam, according to the platform's December hardware and software survey, which places Simplified Chinese on the top spot.

Simplified Chinese saw a 14.43% jump in users in the month of December, being preferred by 37.87% of Steam's population, according to the latest hardware and software survey. English takes the second place with 30.43%."

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franwex37d ago

That’s not too surprising. What I find surprising is that Russian is 3rd. Wow. It beat Spanish?
I guess Russians love Steam.

Sophisticated_Chap37d ago

When Steam started digital sales in China a year or two ago, the Chinese flooded onto the scene fast. If you play Ghost Recon: Wildlands, it seems like everyone on there is Chinese. Also, if you go into the discussion pages for any of the games, you see almost as many Russian threads as you do English ones now.

PCgamer9837d ago

The flood of chinese players also flooded a lot of mp games with cheats. I haven't even touched pubg and gta v mp on steam for a while now because of them.

BrainSyphoned37d ago

Next you are going to tell me Chamicuro came in last.