Crackdown Breaks Records

Microsoft's recent Crackdown demo, a free download available only for Gold Tier members on Marketplace, this week made Microsoft history.

That's right, beating out top downloads like Lost Planet and Fight Night among others, Microsoft's Crackdown demo, released on January 23, kicked everyone else's asses. Microsoft told IGN that this week the Crackdown playable demo was the most downloaded demo for a 24-hour period and the most downloaded demo during a seven day (week-long) period.

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MoonDust4875d ago

hopefully this game will rock, already have it pre-ordered.

bung tickler4875d ago

i dont like it... the graphics blow... if you need a sandbox style game get saints row until GTA comes out.

rabid4875d ago

After downloading the demo myself, I was surprised that it was actually better than I originally anticipated. Far from perfect, but still not bad.

Boink4875d ago

so glad I preordered, can't wait!

LilClaw4875d ago

See the reason why soo many people downloaded the demo (me included) was to see if it justified shelling out 60 bucks for the Halo 3 Beta. I mean, would that many people even cared about it if Halo 3 was attatched. Luckily the demo was pretty fun (from the 30 mins I spent with it). So yeah not only did it justify the Beta test, I'd spend 60 bucks to play the full version. Let's say, it intrigues me...

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The story is too old to be commented.