Apple plots games invasion

The DS and PSP are last gen platforms – and the only true next-gen portable platform is the iPod Touch.

That was the message from Apple this week, as the company finally revealed its intentions to snaffle market share in the traditional gaming space – after years of fervent speculation about its plans.

Speaking exclusively to MCV, the company confessed that its new marketing campaign encourages consumers to buy iPod purely "to play our games" – and even marked the device out as a real threat to Nintendo and Sony's handheld efforts.

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f7897903626d ago

The games are just an added bonus. Just as the PSP plays games and the music and video are just an added bonus. The ipod is better for music and the psp or ds is better for gaming.

The Matrix3626d ago

I will believe Apple's gaming monopoly plans when I see it.

SaiyanFury3626d ago

Apple will never gain a gaming monopoly. Not when Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are the leaders in the business. Apple might be trying to bite of a piece of the action but I seriously don't see them becoming a serious contender. They tried once before in the 90s with their Pippin, which was more of a stripped down Mac that could play CD-based games and it bombed horribly.

No FanS Land3626d ago

Know what? I said a comment about the pippin in another news, 3 days ago I think and someone disagreed!

KeenanTheSavage3626d ago

It's meant to be a music device. The movies, pictures, games, and apps are all tacked on, and are just "accessories" to the actual device. If they want to knock down the PSP and DS, then they actually need to make a GAMING platform.

SaiyanFury3626d ago

@No Fans Land

I know what you mean. It's funny some of the things that people agree and disagree with. I said something a few days back about my PC running Crysis pretty well with my hardware, and someone actually disagreed. The WWW's an interesting place.

Kaneda3625d ago

Remember when Apple announced iphone for $599.. Critics said that Apple will never succeed in cel phone business.. even M$ laughed at Apple on the iphone announcement.

Look at them now! top dog in the smartphone business.. So anything possible... if their strategy is right world domination is possible..

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mirroredderorrim3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )


This was not even a game product till they released a software update and SDK to people. (which was nice)

Also.. what's going to happen when the successor to both DS/Gameboy and PSP arrive?

Bnet3433626d ago

Why are people here acting so surprised? It's obvious PR. They have to start something and maybe some people will actually believe them.

Mikelarry3626d ago

wont mind my ipod touch as a gaming device as F7 said its a music device and the games/apps are just a added bonus. but the game graphics the ipod touch currently offers isnt close to what the psp offers

titntin3626d ago

Not enough inputs to make it a serious contender.
Yes, you can tilt control some games, but have you felt how unresponsive that is?
Playing games requires more than touch screen and slow tilt switch..

Nice screen though! :)

UltimateIdiot9113626d ago

Agree, I mean people have been complaining about 1 analog nub on the PSP. We need more than a screen to tap on and tilt. The screen is pretty nice on the Ipod but it's no good if you have to constantly put your finger all over the screen to use the on screen controls.

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The story is too old to be commented.