From Minecraft To MLB The Show; Exclusivity Is Nearly Non-Existent Next-Gen

"Exclusivity is something that is talked about a lot in gaming. The majority of ‘hardcore’ gamers have more than one platform and game across brands and don't have favoritism."

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FallenAngel19841626d ago

You really going to hold those two games as examples of such a ludicrous statement?

Minecraft was never an exclusive series to begin with so why even use that as an example of this topic?

CaptainHenry9161626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I know right 😁

Elda1625d ago

Please stop with the BS. Next.

Silly gameAr1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

These articles are getting stupid. Just the same regurgitated bullS*** day after day, and they're always approved at the speed of light. The mods really need to check who's approving these articles, because they're approved in a matter of minutes, meanwhile, real or interesting articles sat all day without approval.

pornflakes1625d ago

Next gen will prove that services will win.
There is no need to but a series X if you already have a gaming machine with 12 TFLOPS for 2k bucks
There is also no need to buy a PS5 as Sonys blockbusters like TLOU2 or Ghost of T. take years to release. Only hardcore fans buy a console for 3-4 games. The rest comes also to PC/XBOX (FF7, Death Stranding, MLB, Resident Evil, Metal Gear and many more which were previous all exclusive to Sonys platform)

Sony needs to bring their 1st party games also DAY1 on PSnow.

JonTheGod1625d ago

I disagree entirely.

Bringing Sony exclusives to PS Now on Day 1 would lessen their quality. Just watch next gen on Xbox and watch the average metacritic scores versus PS5 exclusive metacritics. You will see that Sony strives for excellence whilst MS strive to fill Game Pass. There's a big difference.

Sony will continue to do what has resulted in them winning all generations since they started (excepting Wii was purchased by casuals with an exceptionally low game attachment ratio).

LordJamar1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )


NeoGamer2321625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Your statements are not entirely supported by facts. I will agree the on the high end, Sony had more exclusives that scored higher on Metacritic. But, there were also exclusives that didn't do nearly as good on metacritic. Days Gone, Knack 1/2, DriveClub, Gran Turismo Sport, Killzone Shadowfall, and The Order 1886 just to name some less then stellar Sony Exclusives. So, they didn't lack failure this gen, they just had more on the high end. You can argue that some of these games deserved better ratings on Metacritic, but the same could be said for MS games too.

Forza Horizon came to GamePass on Day one last year with a Metacritic rating of 92. Outer Worlds day one with an XB Metacritic of 85. Gears 5 84 on Metacritic. So your comment that GamePass is about fillers is not factually supported. It is actually factually proven that MS has improved first party quality with Day One MS games on Gamepass... The first MS day one games on GamePass were Sea of Thieves 69 and State of Decay 66. And what we are seeing from trailers of Halo Infinite and Hellblade is that MS is looking better and better.

I will agree that Sony studios have stronger story driven games then XB. That is factually supported by Bloodborne, Uncharted, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc. MS needs to improve upon that to compete with Sony.

I welcome any facts that prove your comment which is fear, uncertainity and doubt (FUD) opinion more then based on real facts.

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PS6 Graphics – Can it Approach Photorealism?

If the PS5 Pro leaks are accurate, the eventual PS6 is slated to be one powerful console. But if modern GPUs still lag behind true photorealism, can the PS6 get there?

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Hugodastrevas32d ago

I hate to be "that guy", but we have go ask ourselves do the industry need photorealistic graphics at this point or actually good games, good content, less anti-consumer practices?
This graphical obsession has brought nothing but years upon years of waiting for a game to launch with huge detailed empty worlds, bad stories and predictable gameplay and (micro)transactions everywhere. Sorry for the rant.

MrGameAndWatch32d ago

Same. I really don't want to be in an interactive film and, to me photorealism is not needed for immersion.

RaidenBlack31d ago

Why always target photorealism?
Why not use the extra horsepower for better, complex & diverse AI?
Why not target more interactable world? Why not use the new performance headroom for more physics effects?
Player choices that drastically affect and changes the game world?

Cacabunga31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Let’s first see what PS5 graphics look like.. we’ve seen nothing yet

RaidenBlack31d ago

For that, first Naughty Dog's PS5 single-player exclusive, then Guerilla's PS5 single-player exclusive

OtterX32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

If anything, the massive layoffs in the industry right now are showing that investors are pulling out and not wanting to invest as much as they are right now into AAAs. Much less push for even higher detail, unless many parts of it are automated by AI for a cheaper price. Not saying I support people's jobs being replaced by AI, just stating a reality of what the money people want.

DarXyde32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Photorealism should be reserved for games like Gran Turismo. It costs far too much to incorporate that level of detail.

Even then, if it comes at the cost of physics calculations or frame rate given the shared resources of consoles, I'd scale it back in favor of a smoother experience.

Nintendo was quite smart to never pigeonhole themselves into that. Great foresight on their part, I'd say.

8bitAssassin32d ago

But they've gotten very lazy on their games. I still like their approach don't just make game play your biggest innovation.

DarXyde31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


I assume you're talking about Nintendo.

I think it works for them. I'm honestly glad that it's nothing like PlayStation or Xbox. It's a great reason to own one.

8bitAssassin31d ago

Yup!! I am. Yes it works for them and I love it. I want them to have better than average old tech so the scope of some of their games can drop jaws. I'm not talking about counting pixels either.

anast31d ago

I think we need both. Why lower the standard? A photorealistic Bloodborne or Elden Ring game would be insane.

isarai31d ago

Nah im with you on that, like visually games look fine, maybe up the resolution on average but i would much rather resources be spent on things that actually make the game FEEL good to play at this point.

shinoff218331d ago

Don't forget about the budgets.

ROCKY2831d ago

agreed - stop with the expensive photo realism and just create amazing games that are less expensive that are not a risk to create an original game within 2-3 years and not 7 years of development - like the OG PS2/Xbox era !

WolfSeed31d ago

There are individual goals for individual parameters. Graphics, gameplay, scale, geometry, AI Sophistication, etc.

This article touches one of them. No need to cancel the conversation because you care more about other things.

TheEroica31d ago

Amen. Someone gets it...