Why Resident Evil is Immune to Zombie Fatigue

With the remake of Resident Evil 3 being one of the most anticipated games of 2020, many may be wondering why it seems immune to zombie fatigue.

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naruga39d ago

hasnt been affected because zombie cull is not the main goal of the game and also zombies are just the canon fodder in RE, there re dozens of other mutated species to discover, fight and survive ...also the combat with every single enemy is slowest and more difficutl (so more rewarding) in nature than any other mindless zombie games ...furtheemore zombies in RE are nt zombies, they r mutated humans far more intriguing as idea ....

Apocalypse Shadow39d ago

It was not immune. Past releases will provide clarity.

philm8738d ago

Zombie fatigue is probably just people getting bored of horde modes. Bring 'em on.

SamPao38d ago

because zombie fatigue never existed.

VTKC38d ago

no its not immune. There wasnt even any zombies in Resident Evil 4 or 5.