DF: Xbox Series X APU Roughly Estimated to Be 13% Larger Than Xbox One X APU

Following our initial Xbox Series X APU die shot analysis, Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter fired up an APU analysis of his own.

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darthv721119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I wish it was one of those 64 core threadripper chips in there but hey... I'll take what I can get so long as its cheap ($499 or less).

xenz1119d ago

would be better if it was Ryzen 3950x tbh, but these cpus are waaaay too much to expect from these consoles :)

FlyingFoxy1119d ago

That would be pointlessly expensive, it's also arguably dumb to suggest even a 16 core chip for games right now. Zen 3 would be better as that features (rumoured) up to 17% more IPC (speed at the same clocks as Zen 2 chips] and 100-200Mhz extra clockspeed, but it comes to PC in summer.

AuraAbjure1118d ago

Zen 3 will be too expensive for a home console if they want to sell tens of millions of units.

Dabigsiebowski1118d ago

I'd rather have an 8 core with an insanely perked out GPU, which sounds like what it is.

AuraAbjure1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Yeah an 8 - core Zen 2 CPU running at least as fast as 3.2 GHz with an RDNA 2 GPU should please everyone.

Even a custom RDNA 1 GPU with the added hardware - based accelerated ray tracing would be good I think. That's what the public was anticipating up until Decmeber of last year anyway.

I'm still shocked and skeptical that an RDNA 2 chip could make its way into consoles this year because that means the product (RDNA 2 GPUs) will be initially released unto the public in the form of... a video game console? Wow. That is unless of course AMD releases RDNA 2 GPUs for desktops before November.

Sophisticated_Chap1119d ago

No, no, no, you're saying it all wrong….. it's 'big boi'.

MasterCornholio1118d ago

Nah that's Loki when hes grown up.

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The story is too old to be commented.