The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Has Supermassive Shoes to Fill Following Man of Medan

"While little is known about Little Hope, Supermassive Games’ track record of embracing the silly nature of the interactive movie has me excited for the year ahead." — OnlySP's Amy Davidson

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Emme523d ago

No need to read the article, its only about Until Dawn and Man of Medan.

Abnor_Mal523d ago

I have little hope for Little Hope after the mediocre sales of Man of Madan. I will waitto get this collection once all parts are out. Hopefully the whole will be better than the sum of its parts.

gpturbo81523d ago

If you enjoy these types of games, sales are meaningless.

Abnor_Mal523d ago

While I did not actually play Man of Medan, but watched several play through, the game did not seem very interesting.

It seems that sales also reflected that opinion, for as much as many were seemingly happy that Supermassive was releasing a multiplatform game that spans five individual parts, yet the sales were not so good. I'm not sure but I think the PS4 exclusive Until Dawn sold much better being on only one platform. Still, Supermassive Games have not been putting out great games since Until Dawn and Rush of Blood. The Inpatient did not review well and seems to be the worst of the bunch, but I did have fun with Bravo Team.

As I said, I will wait till the complete collection is out, then I will get it because as a whole it may be worth it. As it stand at the moment I have little hope.

523d ago