Despite PS5: Sony will still push the boundaries of PS4 further

Despite the PS5 on the Horizon, Sony will still push the boundaries of PS4 further.

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524d ago
ApocalypseShadow524d ago

After seeing GofT and TLofU2, I can believe it. After 106 million consoles sold and climbing, potentially 4 more years of console support, I wouldn't doubt it.

There's still games and money to be made to offset the amount of launch PS5 owners of 1-5 million until that community grows over time.

darthv72523d ago

As is the case with Sony and their strategy that has paid off every gen. They dont just stop selling or releasing games on the former once a new system comes out. That is what I admire most about them. They believe is support from beginning to end. I know not every company has to do the same thing but that is how you build consumer confidence in not only the product but the brand. Something MS should have taken notice of years ago. I can see the PS4 dropping to $199 after the PS5 comes out and they sell another 30+ million easily. In my house alone we have three (my kids all have their own).

ApocalypseShadow523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

I agree. Only thing I'm thinking is that they'll never reach PS2. The high price of current gen systems has taken so long to drop, that it has slowed up all sales.

They made crazy money though because consumers kept buying at those prices. But systems should have already been at $199 one to two years ago. With this year being $149 for Christmas. Like the old days.

Seems profits were more important to them than how many. They still reached 106 million so far. But I think they'd be at 120-130 million the old way. I guess the results of those profits means more risks like VR. So I'm not mad at them.

HannibalLecter523d ago

Holy sh*t man I finally agree with you on something. This can't really be darthv72

Stopac524d ago

I mean there’s no reason to slow down, if the ps5 is backwards compatible (which they confirmed) then that’s all the better for the next gen console.

purple101524d ago

1 word - Dreams. ( I think it will be as good and as epic as LittleBigPlanet always wanted to.... but didn't have the install base or the marketing behind it... - I hope they market ithis thing properly!)

Also I've always wanted a really good samurai sword play a game and onimusha just didn't do it for me back in the days.

I think the new ghost game... Will be a big success.

GaboonViper523d ago

Sony always supports their consoles to the very end and I welcome that.

Thundercat77523d ago

Exactly. Every PlayStation gamer knows that.

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