Grand Theft Auto V was the most downloaded game on PlayStation Store in December

Rockstar’s crime opus holds off FIFA 20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to take the top spot in the last digital charts of 2019.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane45d ago

Who are these people who keep making this game appear in the top 10 game sales every month when the game came out in 2013.

ilikestuff45d ago

That’s a good question, it seems like with numbers this game has for as long as it’s been out, shouldn’t EVERYONE have it by now?

bloop45d ago

The only logical reason I can come up with is that there are new/younger generations of gamers yet to play it and it is still the most recent GTA. So, basically it's all the 12 year olds that finally convinced their parents to let them get it 😂

RosweeSon45d ago

People who prefer a good game that’s shown it has plenty of content to warrant being playable for 5-6 years compared to fifa whose shelf life is a year

darthv7245d ago

And now that it is on XBGP you can bet its going to get even more downloads.

Eonjay45d ago


It shouldn't be in gamepass... Well maybe at this point fine but they have to be getting a good deal.

But this game sold so much that it should never launch in a subscription. There is no way to make the money back that 100 * million retail sales would generate. And if someone like Microsoft did, it would exceed whatever revenue Gamepass could generate anyway.

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roadkillers45d ago

I kind of am... the game is out on PsNow and Gamepass. Almost a better deal to get those products

badz14945d ago

It's already out of PSNow if I'm not mistaken

MajorLazer45d ago

Over 115 Million copies sold, and that was reported in November. Not long till 120m

Neonridr45d ago

It's like the energizer bunny of games.

smolinsk45d ago

Yes it's unbelievable the way Rockstar has hypnotized people to believing that gtas microtransactions is a must if you wanna continue to live...

RosweeSon45d ago

Or just play the game 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦 🏻‍♂️ Complete a heist can be a million $ they give you bonuses for doing them the first time, they also give away cash most weeks/months. The fact they’ve supported the game with free updates this long after release when other games are planning DLC and season passes before they’ve even got the base game on the shelves and that’s paid dlc I might add Rockstar been supporting this game with various Free updates different modes new heists all for free. You could have had a season pass for £20/30 I suppose basic bland content and a whole new game within 12 months I suppose each to their own. I’ll take the game I paid £40 max for day1 and has lasted me 6 years so I play it every day not in the slightest but it’s given me more than money’s worth over the years I’ve had it. Sure I want GTA6 but not every game gets a sequel each and every year, good/great games don’t need a sequel every year as there’s more than enough content to keep you going.

smolinsk45d ago

But the stuff they put out for this game is so hollow and petty, a car or some clothing, an event, just small petty stuff to keep people playing and playing and selling even more microtransactions, it's one big scam to get more money out of people...

RosweeSon45d ago

Smolinsk. What part of new modes and heists is clothing and vehicles. I get what your saying some of the cars are guff specially for their individual prices... easy solution don’t buy them. Buy the cars you like, I myself went for the Deluxo:Delorean of course do I need all the other cars no so I don’t buy them. My bunker alone sure it cost me $5 million. Total earnings on it is $18 million so I’ve made $13 million just buy letting it do it’s thing and selling my stock every hour or 3. It’s not like they’ve got real world prices on cars they all purchasable with in game cash. It’s not like they release a new car and say this is a £9.99 micro transaction and there’s no way to get it without your credit card. Its fully obtainable in game for free.

MajorLazer45d ago

There's an act 2 glitch that will never be patched most likely. Over $1m each time. I've gotten over $40m through that glitch, screw paying for it. In my defense, I pre-ordered the game on the PS3 and bought another copy for the PS4, and I bought an avatar for my PSN profile before launch which I haven't taken off once since.

RosweeSon45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I bought it twice I was more than happy to. In the same period of time people have bough 7 copies of fifa or COD. My 1 game came to £40 £80 max for both... ok I got collectors edition for ps3 even so still beats paying £240+ for 6-7 years worth of fifa or COD. My one game is still being updated for FREE and is still more than playable great games don’t just become crap overnight like last years fifa. It’s similar to the whole Nintendo prices always too expensive. Great games hold their value unless they sell 100+ million like GTA Then of course everyone? A vast majority have it so of course gonna struggle to sell it for a top price. You generally get 1 Mario kart a gen and it’s lasts the entire gen they don’t make a new one each year. Always got time for tip top quality games that aren’t yearly churned.

People moan as they didn’t bang another one out within a year or 2 max. This isn’t FIFA COD, assassins creed far cry etc where you can cut and paste a new campaign in some new maps/stadiums team changes new country (assassins) and be selling it again within 12 months.
Yes they banged out games in the ps2 era... nothing to do with them being pretty similar sure they were always bigger and better but they were just purely evolving and refining the greatness that was GTA3, vice city was bigger and better San Andreas sure was bigger, better debatable and I love the hip hop soundtrack and setting however the actual game was a collectathon. Shells under the sea horseshoes 😑🤦🏻‍♂️ 😏. GTA4 was top game but prob least favourite in the series loved Niko and story etc just felt the handling was a bit stiff and essentially dull.
Was easy to do a new GTA each year when your just changing soundtrack and making tweaks refinements to targeting etc as they did they improved and all got better but wasn’t as big change wise as say 3-4 or 4-5 the numbered sequels are all truly epic and so minutely detailed. Look at just cause you can have the biggest map in the world and nothing in it what’s the point tho just fly about aimlessly at least every inch of GTAs map has something going on.

Kabaneri45d ago

Unbelievable that people are still playing this last gen game.

shaggy230345d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Its unbelievable that people weren't buying games like God of War or Spiderman more than GTA5.

Dont get me wrong GTA5 is a good game, but it's roughly 7 or 8 years old, surely everyone that wanted it had bought it before now, I mean it's been in sales before.

RosweeSon45d ago

They were it’s just once you’ve done your god of war what do you go back to hard mode maybe 2nd run through etc but GTA is a game that just keeps giving and not just extra modes and new heists. Just endless play darts, tennis go parachuting have a race in a car boat plane helicopter. People played world of Warcraft for longer 😏🥴😜 28514;

fatbastard1144d ago

a lot of people prefer games grounded in reality with interesting characters and a ton of replayability. Spider Man, although fun is a cheesefest and God of War is fantasy mythical bullocks that doesn't resonate with most of the populace. The only people that love those fantasy games are nerdy types.

LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago

GTA 5 has a greater attention to detail than most games released this generation, to be fair.

RosweeSon45d ago

It really is a great game I get it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s funny well written got replayability for days/years clearly. Give me a good game £40 that lasts all these years over fifa each and every year ie £240+ in the time GTA’s managed to keep itself going. I don’t care how old a game is if it’s that good I’ll always go back to it every now and again ;)

Gahl1k45d ago

Like what? It's an open world real life simulator with cereal buildings. Even its physics is downgraded from GTA IV (that's less attention to details in my opinion).

fatbastard1144d ago

And actually interesting characters.

RosweeSon45d ago

People still playing good games years after release why so shocking people still play mario1 on NES last time I checked ;)

TheEnigma31345d ago

PS4 is backwards compatible, so this game will live on.

Profchaos45d ago

O honestly thought it would be patched. At least boost mode came out and helped the frame rate stick to a steady 30

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