PlatinumGames Announces Partnership With Chinese Giant Tencent; “No Effect” on PG’s Independence

Today Osaka-based developer PlatinumGames announced a partnership with the Chinese giant Tencent.

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Blu3_Berry378d ago

Oh dear, looks like their future titles may be Epic Store exclusive.

ApocalypseShadow378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Tencent is obviously making it known that they want to be a major power or influence in the game industry.

Don't know what to make of them at the moment.

Ripsta7th378d ago

the produce the most poplular chinese games , i didnt know how big they were until i googled them
also it wasnt clear but are they affiliated with the chinesse government?

harmny378d ago

Chinese games? They own league of legends

xTonyMontana378d ago

They allegedly have a close relationship with the government yes and have been caught out sharing private customer data. They are also complicit in their censorship propaganda too.

annoyedgamer378d ago

You can't do business in China without working for the state.

Umb378d ago

Any large Chinese company in China is affiliated to the CCP, as it is required that a CCP person be attached to the company hierarchy. And if the CCP demands it every Chinese company in China (or around the world (not only Chinese companies it seems)) will comply and kowtow to the CCP.

Also in China companies do not grow to such size without the approval and blessing of the CCP.

Sad really but that's what you get with a totalitarian government with too much money.

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harmny378d ago

They own Riot. They are already a major power influence

roadkillers378d ago

They are the biggest video game developer out there alongside Microsoft.

They also heavily invest in technology such as e-cars (Nio) and other products. Published the new CoD Mobile game and partnered with Nintendo to release Switches in China. If any company wants to get into China, they need to work with Tencent.

Sophisticated_Chap378d ago

That's because Tencent is 'Communist Chinese Party approved'.

roadkillers378d ago

^ Yes, there is evidence that China will push all competitors out to make room for their companies.

rainslacker378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

They've been a major power ad influence in the gaming industry for a very long time now. We just never heard their name as much, because they're more of a holding company which works with subsidiaries.

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Abnor_Mal378d ago

I guess neither Sony nor Microsoft will be adding Platinum Games as a first party studio like many wished.

darthv72378d ago

Neither were thought to but it was Nintendo that was getting all chummy and rumored to be making a deal.

Abnor_Mal378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Yes I know neither company said that they were interested in acquiring Platinum Games.

Still there were people saying they would like either Microsoft or Sony to purchase them, and what would be the pros of getting such a studio vs the cons and precieved ill blood between any of the two and Platinum.

The of course there were others that stated that PG was in good standing with Ninty and if anything that would more likely who would be purchased them.

It was only a few weeks ago some of this was discussed, mainly because Platinum made some kind of statement about a future announcement or change. I really don't wish to scour through old articles in my history.

Found it:

This was from four days ago, idly I thought weeks, but this was not the first time just most recent.

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