Bayonetta Is 10: One Decade On, The Shapeshifting Witch Adventure Hasn’t Aged A Day

On this day ten years ago, millions of gamers were seduced by a game which, a decade on, doesn’t feel like it’s aged one bit.

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gamer780445d ago (Edited 45d ago )

one of my favorite games, the sad thing is, in 10 years graphically the game looks pretty much the same as it originally did on the 360 :(. Although I am excited for the upcoming remaster on xbox and ps4.

HeisenbergX45d ago

Oh sure... the super linear levels, bullshit quick time events that come out of nowhere barely giving you time to react leading to your death, that half an hour long gimmick bike level, that annoying pointless useless comic relief character(you know which one), deep deeeeeeep main character and let's not forget the amazingly gripping story and plot.. i mean you are just so invested in it and you just can't wait to find out what will happen next ! right ??

Yeah it hasn't aged a day. :)

gamer780445d ago

Right because open world makes everything better... just practice your gaming skills it had about the right amount of diffiiculty.

HeisenbergX45d ago

Nooo that's not what i mean't i have no issue with linear games far from it and i'm sick of the standard the open world games have become but in the first Bayonetta something just feels off and unimaginative and sooo predictable. For example the game introduces this thing (forgot how it was called) where when it's the full moon you can use it's power and walk on walls Gravity Rush style and at that point i was like oh awesome this is cool.. and it was like used twice or something in the whole game i mean come on. Things did got bigger,better and more varied in the sequel but it still wasn't enough for me.

I've said it before but Bayonetta games are the definition of a game for the person with low attention span, nothing wrong with that ofc but still it was all just ehhh to me. That's why DMC games are better IMO the opening intro of DMC3 is better and more interesting than both Bayonetta games in terms of story and hooking the player.

Stopac45d ago

Hard disagree right there. They went with style with lots of flair, smooth speed, and an interesting climatic story.

I love just how crazy every thing looks when you’re doing combos and how fast and smooth it can be. In my opinion before dmcv, dmc walked before Bayonetta could run. I love both series but Bayonetta just gives me that satisfying destruction feeling more so than dmc.

The pacing feels just slower with some
Of the dmc games.

I also carry bayo 1 and 2 with me wherever I take my switch.

45d ago