The Last of Us Part II Can Cement Naughty Dog as a Legendary Studio

"The Last of Us is a phenomenal masterpiece that received high praise from critics and gamers alike. To some, like myself, it is the game of the decade for the 2010s. […] A follow-up to such a seminal game [could come] with too great of risks and expectations." — OnlySP's Dmitric Edwards

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FallenAngel198449d ago

As if Naughty Dog isn’t considered legendary already?

Title feels like the author is just disregarding their previous titles just for the sake of gripping headline

darthv7249d ago

Agreed. ND have already shown their strength among others. They are pretty concrete right now.

porkChop48d ago

Yeah idk what this guy's talking about. ND is one of the all-time greats.

jaymacx48d ago

Exactly. This headline would be more relevant if it was used during the PS3 era. Because I really put them in the elite class around then. Granted they had great games series such as Crash and Jak but Uncharted and TLOU really show they are great at whatever they release. I can’t wait to play TLOU 2 and whatever they come out with after

RememberThe35748d ago

Who would the author have listed as a more legendary studio? 🤔

48d ago
SyntheticForm48d ago


They've been legendary for quite some time now, and TLOU2 will instill that status further.

rainslacker48d ago

If they aren't, then I wonder what really is required to become legendary. Granted, I tend to attribute that title to individuals and not whole studios, because a legendary studio can go to sh*t once their key talent leaves...unless they close down before the talent leaves.

NeoGamer23247d ago

Agreed. Naughty Dog is simply the best Development Studio on the planet and has been since Uncharted 1.

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isarai49d ago

They've been cemented since U2.

MrVux00048d ago

For some even since Jak n Dexter or even Crash Bandicoot.

TheEnigma31348d ago

They were cemented in the platforming world with those. UC2 took them to new heights and showed their diversity.

AnubisG48d ago

To me, they have been legendary since Crash Bandicoot and they haven't made a bad game since.

TGGJustin49d ago

Uhh they've already been that since Uncharted 2. Pretty much every game they've put out for over a decade has been 90+ rated and won GOTY awards from all over the place. Not many other studios have done that.

Septic49d ago

They attained that status years ago.

CaptainHenry91648d ago

I been waiting for Microsoft developers to do the same in over a decade

Thundercat7748d ago

They will magically do it now with their new studios/s.

48d ago
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CaptainHenry91648d ago (Edited 48d ago )


That's not fully guaranteed. Just because they inquired studios doesn't mean it's all going to workout but I'm glad Microsoft are trying though. When they acquired Rare one of my favorite developers I had high hopes and look the way it turned out. I'm still waiting for that big AAA game from them.


Gears of War is stale now. I'm waiting for a new AAA exclusive from Microsoft. Give me a new Fable

The Wood48d ago

I think turn 10 has shown consistency and growth. . Playground games done a cracking job with horizon. Sony has a few goats

goldwyncq48d ago

Sony fanboys are like people who can't get over a bad relationship -- they always have to bring up their Ex in a conversation at every opportunity.

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IRetrouk49d ago

Already happened, years ago, talking ps2 days here.

AnubisG48d ago

PS1 days with Crash Bandicoot.

IRetrouk48d ago

See I almost agree, I just feel jak and daxter were such a jump up, and so much more than crash, crash was good, jak was great

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