MKvsDCU: Palmiotti & Gray On Writing the Story

Newsarama Says:
"With only a couple days to go until the premier of the much talked about and much anticipated Mortal Kombat vs. DCUniverse, promotion is at a fever pitch. After our two exclusive reviews of the story mode scripts, we had a chat with the writers of those scripts, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. If those names sound familiar, then you're no doubt a comics fan who has been into the medium anytime in the last several years, as the writing duo has taken the comics world by storm. Palmiotti, of course, had already established a career in the comic world, but now with Gray they have tackled some of DC's longest running characters. Now they tackled the big dogs, along with some of the best-known characters in video games. Here's how that happened, and how it went for them."

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