IGN: The Last Remnant Hands-On

Though some would have you believe it; the Japanese style of turn-based role-playing games is not dead. In fact, thanks in large part to Square Enix, it's thriving with several new releases this year on Xbox 360 of all places. The Last Remnant will close out 2008 on Microsoft's machine while PlayStation 3 and PC versions will follow in the coming months. If you've played a Japanese role-playing game in the past, you'll find familiar ground with The Last Remnant, but don't expect another cookie-cutter game. The Last Remnant bucks quite a few trends as Square Enix strives to make a game the Western audience will take a liking to.

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Johnny Cullen3677d ago

Can't wait for it.

Gonna trade in COD: WaW for it on Friday unless COD improves fast.