What The Heck Happened To Tekken X Street Fighter?

Tekken X Street Fighter was announced ten years ago. So what happened to it? Where did it go? Will we ever see it release?

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FallenAngel1984567d ago

The lukewarm reception from Street Fighter X Tekken has discouraged Namco from following up with Tekken X Street Fighter

SFxT is considered a black sheep among fighting games fans for various reasons, so any follow up to that would be marred by the baggage

Blu3_Berry567d ago

Why is it considered the black sheep among fighting game fans? I never played it and I'm not really into fighting games personally, so I'm curious as to why that is for many fans of the genre.

FallenAngel1984567d ago

For various reason actually

- This game, naturally, leaned more heavily toward SF mechanics, which meant that ardent fans of Tekken's saw no reason to buy this game outside of brand loyalty.

- The game is hampered by the gem mechanic which is both cumbersome and out of place in a more down to earth fighting game.

- It was revealed that the coming DLC characters were already on the disk and locked behind a paywall. This didn't endear any potential fans to the game after that and generally one of the reasons why SFxT is shunned by fighting game fans. Capcom had this particular controversy follow them for years afterward, as any talk of DLC for other games would have droves of people asking if those were also on the disc already.

- Featuring Bad Box Art Mega Man during a time when fans felt that Capcom was treating the character and the franchise poorly.

jaymacx566d ago

Great summary of events. It’s sad though because I would love to see Namco’s take on SF characters with Tekken based mechanics.

On another note maybe one day we can get a massive fighting game crossover that provides the best gameplay possible . It was nice to see Virtua Fighter characters in DOA.

Jsm89k567d ago

Harada is what happened to txsf. He's incredibly spineless and is constantly in doubt what his fans want despite txsf having a huge amount of hype behind it.

VTKC566d ago

And the selective memory.

robtion567d ago

While I'm a long time fan of tekken and street fighter I'm more excited about the Marvel Vs DC game that Netherrealm will make for next gen.

IRetrouk567d ago

I really tried to like the sfxt version, bought mainly to ensure txsf would get a release(turned out well eh? Lol), they promised us tekken fans that we would be able to jump right in and our characters would feel familiar in controls and moves, they did not, that along with the dlc crap, the gems etc sent it to an early grave, dont think we will ever see txsf now.

jambola567d ago

forget that
what happened to street fighter vs Hello Kitty

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