5 Big Switch Exclusives Coming Out in 2020 That Are Worth Getting Hyped About

Greysun writes: “Nintendo may not be launching a next-generation console in 2020 like its competitiors but it's still planning on releasing some huge Switch exclusives.”

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MeteorPanda421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

I heard rune factory was coming to switch in a new title...that...that is my one true hype game

Why is animal crossing coming out 4 days before ff7? That's not ideal.

Neonridr421d ago

well the Switch won't be getting FF7 (for the first year anyways), so to them it doesn't really matter.

greysun123421d ago

Those are completely diff games and FF isn't even coming to Switch so

MeteorPanda421d ago

chances are really high that if you own a switch you own another console :D

DarkZane421d ago

I bet No More Heroes 3 and Axion Verge 2 will be on PS4 before the year ends.

greysun123421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

No More Heroes 3 will not come to PS4. No way

ZeekQuattro420d ago

Axion Verge 2 is all but guaranteed as most indies that start out exclusive end up going multi platform at some point. Keep dreaming on NMH 3 though. Lol