Diablo 3 Season 20 Start Date - When Does It Begin and End?

From GameWatcher: "Seasons are Diablo 3's lifeblood, providing players with a clean slate in terms of characters alongside new challenges to tackle and rewards to unlock. With Season 19 slowly moving towards its end, players are wondering what the Season 20 start date might be."

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Retroman461d ago

They don't make Hack and Slash games like Gauntlet and Champion of Norrath anymore.
Those games need a come back .

Elronza461d ago

Oh how I miss Gauntlet! That series was awesome!

ritika12461d ago

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Retroman461d ago

Now why would any gamer be interested in a Kroger Survey on a gaming site.

PMind461d ago

Holy sh*t. They literally say they don't know. That we'll have to wait and see. WTF

Mikeyy460d ago

I cant believe Gauntlet dark legacy never got ported beyond the ps2. I really loved that game.