Former creative director hopes BioShock 4 takes an original approach

Jordan Thomas says he’d like new game to surprise players

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Jimboms1173d ago

It really would be nice to have a surprising game like infinite

froy4021173d ago

I didn't really like infinit, it was too happy and bright, should return to its darker roots.

AuraAbjure1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

I haven't had the chance to finish infinite yet. I got to the part where I was doing favors for the rebellion. The gameplay felt extremely tight and the vibe was surreal as can be. It was such a privelage to play imo. Plus at 1440p the graphics look amazing.

ravinash1173d ago

It started light because it was showing one person idea of utopia.
But as the story moves on, it gets darker.
I found it interesting how the racism of the early 20th century real world below was just being reproduced in this new ideal world.

Nacho_Z1173d ago

Yeah I like my Bioshock the darker the better. Infinite had adult themes but it wasn't twisted in the same way.

rainslacker1172d ago

I think it was supposed to be bright. It was supposed to contrast with the darkness which lay beneath with all that utopia covered in envy, racism, and xenophobia, then turned itself all upon itself with the revelation of Booker's place in all of it.

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CanadianTurtle1173d ago

No more Rapture, please. I loved the setting when they used it in the first 2 games. And it was nice to revisit it in the Infinite DLC, but it's going to be aesthetically tiresome seeing it a 3rd time in a row in a full game.