Microsoft And Xbox Are Holding The Golden Key To The Future Of Gaming

There are a ton of big gaming trends that feel like they'll come to a head in 2020.

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Gazondaily427d ago

"New Consoles: This is where Game Pass matters the least, which is saying something because it’s still a potent weapon. Anyone buying an Xbox Series X will immediately have access to more than 100 games to play on the thing, some of which will be brand new and some of which will undoubtedly be updated to take advantage of new hardware."

I think this will be really important this year when the X launches. Getting access to the 1P titles day one via Game Pass which will most likely include Halo: Infinite is massive. Halo: Infinite as a launch title is already a big deal as it is and then available day one through XGP? That's big.

Thunder_G0d_Bane427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Xbox Gamepass is the true Netflix of gaming as of right now but with Downloads. Cause we all know streaming is bollocks atm.

It's a great value for consumers when you can get a library of games plus day one brand new exclusives etc from a company. I'd love for Sony to throw their hat in the ring in this area.

However because Microsoft lack great exclusives atm they are not the golden key to the future of gaming as it stands. The Game pass service however is games as a service done right.

Gazondaily427d ago

Yeah he quality of the service is dependent on the quality of the titles on offer, particularly the exclusives.

Gamers already have access to highly rated xbox exclusives at a fraction of the price along with other notable third party titles.

With the acquisition of several studios, Xbox is only set to improve in the 1P department.

crazyCoconuts427d ago

Sony seems to be experimenting with newer titles for very limited times, but I can't see them doing what MS is doing with ALL their exclusives. Just too much money they'd be losing out on when people subscribe for a month or two instead of buying a game.

bouzebbal427d ago

We all know?? Who are you including in the "we"???
Gamepass is Netflix of gaming? What makes you make such a claim??
Xbox has no choice but put all their games in there, cause releases xbox only are not exceeding 2 a year.

PS now has horizon, bloodborne, U4, GTA5, GOD OF WAR, Persona 5, Lost Legacy, Infamous, Killzone... Stream or download... I don't know about you but I take these two options any time.. I've been now subscriber for over a year, I haven't noticed anything like dropouts, lags or anything like this.. A few framerate drops here and there once in a while but that's very rare.. You are judging something out of what you heard, or what you like to hear.. Reality is different..
GP sucks for 2 reasons: only download and no online play with base subscription..

timotim427d ago

Agreed. That will be super appealing for those looking at next gen consoles and their wallets will thank them.

Godmars290427d ago

You're forgetting the need for an internet connection as well as paying for Game Pass if not needing Xbox Live. There's plenty of hidden or indirect costs involved with this supposed "value" to consumers.

This thought process also ignores that as a "Netflix of gaming" that games cost more than movie tickets. If such becomes the norm it wrecks gaming economy at a time publishers are both complaining about $60 games, wanting to increase that price, while implementing things like DLC and MTs which have proven to cost some gamers thousands - as publishers only make excuses and defend such practices.

427d ago
Godmars290427d ago

The same people who effectively tanked the XB1 before it launched.

That consoles have only become internet dependent, actively ignored what is still a good portion of the consumer base, is not a good thing overall.

Gazondaily427d ago

Internet connection? Yeah its Xbox Game Pass; it needs the internet just like Netflix requires it. You're talking about the hidden indirect costs associated with internet usage? I really dont think that is relevant in the scheme of what we are discussing.

Any talks of the gaming economy being wrecked is speculative at best. Publishers are signing off their titles to XGP despite all the complaints you are alluding to. The concern for publishers is also interesting when often we as gamers blame them for the practices.

Right now XGP offers tremendous value to us as end consumers. Unless you can provide evidence to the contrary or substantiate your fears of the future problems this will cause, your view is overly pessimistic.

DaDrunkenJester427d ago

Well, if you dont have internet, then GamePass and Xbox Live are obviously not an option. Luckily you can still buy physical and insert discs to play.

Godmars290427d ago

Game Pass is not the Xbox console, and a game console that works perfectly well without ever needing to be connected to the internet stands to have a larger user base than one that does.

Netflix, for all of its well regarded success as an online streaming service, still mails DVDs.

And as for "wreaked", I mean the elimination of what use to be the physical media gaming model as companies lean ever more towards the mobile gaming mode which will impact overall game design. Just like DLC caused game content to be sliced out of a title only to be sold back or MT effected the likes of Dead Space 3.

At this point, no, you can't. Most if not all major titles require day one patches just to run. Is a clear indicator that QC has gone to s**t.

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AnubisG427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

No, it's not and while you might think that a service like gamepass is good for gamers, it is not. Just like Netflix, gamepass cheapens gaming and will not produce truly great games like Netflix doesn't produce truly good movies either. It is also a way for companies to take ownership of games out of your hands and put them in total control of your gaming life and collection. But just like with freedom, people are willing to give up everything for convenience and they will even cheer it on not realizing what they are doing. It's only good for casuals because they can play every game for 15 minutes and than move on to the next because there will be a crap load of games on services like that.

Xbox and MS is dead last in the gaming market. Always have been. So whatever they think is good, it's not. They are last for a reason and now they are pushing for an all digital future very hard. I just hope that an all digital future will never come but because of people like yourself, it just might.

You know, getting out of the house to buy a video game is not a hard thing to do at all. In fact, it's really fun.

Gazondaily427d ago

"Just like Netflix, gamepass cheapens gaming and will not produce truly great games like Netflix doesn't produce truly good movies either. "

I dont know where you're getting the idea that it 'cheapens' gaming. Netflix has produced some great shows; its popularity speaks for itself. XGP already in its early ish form has a great library of games.

"Xbox and MS is dead last in the gaming market. Always have been". What bearing does this have on the service that is already extremely popular and offers great value to gamers?

"You know, getting out of the house to buy a video game is not a hard thing to do at all. In fact, it's really fun."

Getting out of the house to buy a game is really fun? You and I have very different ideas of fun.

You really are grasping at straws.

DaDrunkenJester427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

There are literally netflix movies that have won awards at the Oscar's. They won 2 golden globes and were nominated 34 times this year...

You're trippin.

AnubisG427d ago (Edited 427d ago )


I'm not grasping at straws here at all. I stand by what I said strongly and I'm 100% against a digital only future.


Oscars and Golden Globes mean nothing to me. They are awards given out by Hollywood to themselves. It's like you patting yourself on the back. They mostly always give these awards to movies that I didn't even heard of or strongly disagree with so I stopped caring or watching those bullshit shows for over 10 years now and they are completely meaningless to me. Netflix has yet to make an amazing movie in my eyes. All their movies are just ok to me. I call shows and movies "Netflixed" for a reason. Netflix has cheapned movies. They have 99% garbage and 1% decent content.

It is my opinion and I stand by it.

Bryan7portugal427d ago

Lots of ps fanboys instead of gamers. As I a gamer who has all platforms except pc. Game pass is an amazing value when it comes down to it. Getting your moneys worth, ps doesn’t offer anything close to it but luckily has good exclusives. Come next gen, Xbox can have both great exclusives and an amazing value with Game Pass which would be game changing.

The Wood427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

I'm strongly against a digital only future too. I can see gifting and selling back digital titles as a compromise but not sure how it will be implemented. For the quality games to come and for the gp system to be sustainable there has to be enough repeat subscribers or where else will the funding come from. MS ain't in the habit of throwing money down the drain. I do see a mild but progressive price increase over time. I also don't believe GP is the golden was available and ahead of the competition in some features and lower in price for a portion of this gen yet it didn't help or change unit sales. GP isn't so unique it cant be replicated of improved upon. I'm seeing a lot of puff like GP is the golden egg when all it really is, is a great value subs option on console.

There is plenty of capable and worthy media and dross on netflix just like there is on media not on netflix. I didn't see much unique quality on GP until Gears so IF ms put quality on there more regularly it'll be a bigger pull.....Can they do that is the question as they've had a torrid with output for around a decade. All this nonsense like they've had no studios is bs. They've mismanaged some quality studios and projects so that has to be fixed in order for quality output box to be ticked. If the stars align ms will have a much better chance of competing with nintendo and sony + stadia and whatever follows

AngelicIceDiamond427d ago

"cheapens gaming" So people are playing half of The Witcher 3? Half the quests, the story, even half the world?

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S2Killinit427d ago

Its not the “netflix of” anything because its way too limited in variety. Also, netflix is no longer the only streaming service and the same is true here. Other consoles have comparable streaming/downloading services with advantages and disadvantages. Calling MS’s service “netflix” is yet another PR campaign that will prove to be more smoke and mirrors in the long run.

Gazondaily427d ago

"Calling MS’s service “netflix” is yet another PR campaign that will prove to be more smoke and mirrors in the long run."

Care to explain why? It's already doing things better than its competitors. What part of this service will prove to be "smoke and mirrors in the long run" and why?

Chris12427d ago

No-one has a comparable service to GP, sorry to burst your bubble. And one person calling GP the equivalent of Netflix is not a PR campaign. Another crazy over reaction from someone who hates Xbox.

AngelicIceDiamond427d ago

Too bad Netflix of gaming was never even said by MS but by journalist's. So it's PR from everyone else but MS.

S2Killinit426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I thought it was self explanatory. But to answer you: the part where its touted as a significant difference. One thing it “does better” is same day release, but that has come at the cost of proper exclusives. As to number of titles it offers it pales in comparison to what is being offered elsewhere.

When i compare the 2 services, I see maybe 3 to 4 titles i would have paid for on each service, and that is excluding the first party exclusives on offer on PSNow because I have already played them.

So, smoke and mirrors in that sense.

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AngelicIceDiamond427d ago

Like I already said in another article. Phil told Nadella "We have to go all in on gaming" implying no gimmicks, or Tv, media console but a full on gaming machine. That was when Nadella was straight up with Phil and said he has a hard time seeing why they need the Xbox divsion. Phil didn't want the Xbox brand to go down on a sour note so he told Nadella the afro mentioned comment. Phil' said he wants to go back to the roots of Xbox. Again the gloves are off this time. Phil made it sound like its do or die for him, the team and the brand in total. All the fake gamers of N4g would love to see its down fall but I hope MS console delivers not just now but in the long run, the long hall we need all three around.

Christopher427d ago

I think the author limiting it to just "more than 100 games" is way undershooting what they are doing. We already know all the current BC titles will work. And we also know they have been spending the last six months and the rest of the year getting current generation titles to work (which were designed from the get-go to be more forward compatible). The availability of continuing to play your third-party titles without having to buy anew will be big.

But, I think that Sony is doing the exact thing. Microsoft started earlier, but I don't doubt Sony is going to make similar things available.

AngelicIceDiamond427d ago

Actually, Gamepass doesn't need the internet once you download a game. You can go offline after the download. You can stay offline for up to 30 days only to ask for an online verification (because it's not your owned game) then go right back offline.

Atticus_finch427d ago

Defending MS is a full time job. Poor green Bois. MS shouldn't worry, they will always have that 3rd place warm and ready for them.

Sieden427d ago

Most of my favorite games of this gen have been Playstation exclusive but damn Sony Soy boys in these comment sections never fail to mass down vote anything that mildly resembles praise for anything Xbox related.. xD

Mithan427d ago

Yet why do I not care?

Knushwood Butt427d ago

'When the X launches'

Does that mean we'll have to suffer these articles for the next 9 or more months?

Gazondaily427d ago

If positive opinions/news about Xbox causes you to suffer then you maybe looking at a longer term of suffering beyond 9 months.

Knushwood Butt427d ago

Actually, it's not exclusive to Xbox, as I just posted in a different thread regarding PS5.

I shall leave you to it. Peace.

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jambola427d ago ShowReplies(1)
OliveTreeFam427d ago

I'm a big fan of GamePass. My son and I now are able to play a ton of new games we never would have touched in the past. I want all these companies to continue to innovate as it is great for the consumer.

Gazondaily427d ago

Precisely. Its extremely difficult to argue against the service and at best the opponents arguments really are quite poor. They boil down to (based on this thread):

1. It needs internet.
2. This will ruin the industry or promote awful practices.
3. It's not sustainable.

It is extremely difficult to deny the value it offers as a service hence why you have such poor (imo) points in opposition against it.

crazyCoconuts427d ago

I'm going to end up playing the next Halo for $1 and I won't even have to buy the console? I love GamePass. Is that sustainable? I hope so...

TKCMuzzer427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

How can they be poor points? Not sustainable is a very valid point. MS have the financial clout to take a hit on getting gamepass out there for a £1 (in the UK). But what about at normal price? You won't be getting new games from MS every week launching on day 1, you certainly won't get all 3rd party doing it as it will not be as profitable for them.
It only works if you can sustain the quality to match the price, its fine at the moment as MS have stuck aload of their catalogue on there so people are catching up, but what happens when they catch up? You face the position of paying monthly and maybe not getting anything decent for 2 or 3 months and there lies the problem.
Plus, whether you like it or not, its not as profitable for each title.
So, that could lead to another one of your points, MS just sticking any crap on there to fill the empty months.
Dismissing the last point is also naive, a lot of the current gen games are around 70GB to 100GB, what about next gen when they could be double, that will have an impact.
Gamepass is good for now but long term, that is what everybody will be watching very closely at.

AngelicIceDiamond427d ago

"it needs internet" yes to access it. But can go offline afterwards. Unlike Stadia or NOW where it's pure streaming so it requires internet.

"This will ruin the industry or promote awful practices."

Downloading has always been accepted. Streaming/digital is the only thing that people fear. MS is doing the exact opposite of what ppl hated. But MS faces "backlash" yeah nit picky none serious backlash from N4G. That's not saying much.

"It's not sustainable." more and more titles are being added with a high number of subscribers. Looks to be doin ok to me.

ShadowWolf712427d ago

I prefer actually owning my games and paying to support them directly. Sue me.

TheSaint426d ago

Sustainability isn't a poor argument, it's extremeley valid, most people have bought it at a hugely reduced rate.

There is ALWAYS sales for memeberships so I doubt that many people have actually paid full price for this yet.

But of course MS don't publish figures so who really knows, you'd think they would publish if they were doing really well......

S2Killinit426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Correct me if Im wrong but PSNow ALSO has downloading. Its not just streaming. It has everything gamepass has. Only difference is no day one, but it has a much larger catalogue of games.

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Sieden427d ago

HOW are there more downvotes than upvotes on this.

Spenok427d ago

Another "quality" article from Forbes...

As if MS is the only one doing what they are...

neutralgamer1992427d ago

It seems They are the only ones paying Forbes haha

King_Noctis427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Or maybe they thoroughly explained their reasoning and you’re just too lazy to read and just went straight to the comment section.

Gazondaily427d ago

Yeah I think that appears to be the case for a lot of the commentators on here.

Its weird; one the one hand people weaponize XGP in their arguments when it comes to an Xbox exclusive being released, pointing out to the nominal amount they have paid for it to play the games. Clearly there is value here otherwise they wouldnt bother because (1) the game is good and (2) the value is good.

On the other hand, apparently XGP is a scourge that will destroy the industry.

Then oddly enough, they then point at PlayStation Now and how it existed before XGP. All of a sudden, we're reminded that perhaps this kind of service isn;t going to destroy the industry.

Someone above has actually said that its fun to go to the shops and buy a physical game. Basically critiquing people for option to buy them digitally. How utterly close minded is that?

The Wood427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

cmon septic... as a fellow cynic are your really doubting the existence of western media bias. I'm sure in Asia their media is doing the same for their horses so don't get me wrong. The frequency of 'matter of fact' and 'golden egg' type articles is increasing to the point you'd think its only MS that's got the ability to grow or posses aces. It seems very one sided at worst, disproportionate at best to be honest but why would any xbox fan admit that.

Spenok427d ago

Explaining and it being accurate are two different things...

yomfweeee427d ago

The article is completely sucking weewer for all these things Series X will do... but PS5 will have all the same things.

Gazondaily427d ago

@The Wood

Why cant people address the points in the article instead of subscribing to conspiracy theories? People need to come up with a proper argument against XGP instead of acting salty when its blatant how good the service is.

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Donnie81427d ago

That’s right Xbox is taking over!!!!

The Wood427d ago (Edited 427d ago )


Heard this story year upon year. . . .

Donnie81427d ago

You better pay attention because it’s happening

HeisenbergX427d ago

Oh god.. stop pleeease stoooooooop forbes 🤣🤣

Atticus_finch427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

It's incredible funny. It's like, if you pretend Sony doesn't exist, then Xbox is a great choice. Haha