Game Revolution: James Bond: Quantum of Solace Review

Game Revolution writes: "Quantum of Solace has been busily making the rounds at the local graveyard. Not only does the latest Bond title summon the specter of Bond games past, it also digs up the freshly buried corpse of Casino Royale's plot. Most of the game's structure and play mechanics directly borrow from the ten-year-old Goldeneye 007 originally released for Nintendo 64, while three-quarters of the plot draws from the two-year-old Casino Royale remake.

Back in 1997, Goldeneye 007 set the gold standard for all future console FPS titles. Without Goldeneye, there would be no Halo and no Gears of War. It even established many now-familiar conventions in PC gaming by giving games like Counter-Strike a multiplayer model to follow. Ever since, Bond games have struggled to fill those enormous, spy-shaped shoes. Invariably with every new Bond release, we hear from the game's designers that "this time, our game will finally live up to the legacy of Goldeneye", and every time we're disappointed."

+ Relive a few great Bond film moments
+ Relive a few great Bond video game moments
+/- Predictable online offerings
- Relive outdated gameplay
- Laughably short single-player mode
- Utter lack of challenge and depth

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