PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership is $15 Dollars off on Amazon

If you are looking to up your subscription for PS Plus, now might be the time. Amazon is currently offering $15 off the normal asking price for a 12 month membership. It's not the $38 deal that popped up recently, but it is a $15 savings.

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ChrisW525d ago

I really don't understand paying for console based premiums...

sampsonon525d ago

one would say it helps to pay for the creation of premium games. look at Sony's AAA exclusives this gen. as long as we get those games on a regular basis, I'm ok with that.

bluefox755525d ago

I get a ton of games to try that I would never have otherwise tried. The bonus games are worth $40 a year to me.

TheEnigma313525d ago

If you just got ps plus, you would literally never have to buy another game. You would get 2 games per month. And the online infrastructure is so much better than the PS3 days

gamer7804525d ago (Edited 525d ago )

its 44$... not a great deal really.

gamer7804525d ago

Better than 60 yah but it was just on sale for 40$ and 38$

TheEnigma313525d ago

I'll go ahead and get this while on sale. Save myself $15

william_cade525d ago

Does this promotion work if "you" live in Mexico?

Critic4l_Strik3525d ago

Im in Canada (with a US account), does it work here? or just in the US? Thanks